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Software prototyping and maintaining a user-centered outlook – advice from Product Manager Victor Conesa.

Custom software developer AndPlus sat down with our very own VP of Product Management, Victor Conesa, to find out more about how he got where he is today and how he manages a successful digital product. Take a sneak peek at Victor’s words of wisdom below…

On getting started in software development….

Victor doesn’t mince his words when explaining why he became a product manager – he loves managing people, projects and products! What attracted him initially was being involved in building a software from the ground up, and making a team stronger throughout the process. He stresses the importance of good management in good product delivery: “Being a good manager isn’t about giving orders, it’s about giving people resources and space, and guiding them.”

On wireframing…

After giving a back-to-basics description of wireframing, Victor points out some of the benefits of building a static model of your eventual app or website: testing core functionality and navigation, playing with hierarchy options and experimenting with content. Perhaps most importantly, wireframes are a tool to enable quick and effective iteration, a key part of any design process.

On user-centred design at Justinmind…

Victor has some great advice for eliciting user requirements, including contextual observation and workshops. The key point, he says, is that the users’ voices are “audible”; assuming that you know what a user needs just because you’re on top of functional requirements is not a good plan.

On aligning prototyping with business…

Prototyping, says Victor, can help to bridge the gap between the business and IT teams on a software development project. Not only do prototyping tools help you validate both functional and non-functional requirements, but they also free up communication channels and minimize misundrestandings. That, at the end of the day, means less rework and greater ROI.

Read the full interview with Victor here!

Cassandra is Marketing Lead at Justinmind

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