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The most powerful prototyping platform ever now becomes also affordable. Now you can have all the features of Justinmind Prototyper Pro and our cloud collaboration services by either an annual or a monthly fee. Take a look at our subscription plans, we’re sure you’ll find the one that suits your needs.

Subscription editions of Justinmind Prototyper are just like regular Justinmind Prototyper licenses, they are installed on your computer and provide all the same features and functionality. You can choose between two plans.

Month-to-month plan ($29/month)

The month-to-month plan provides the flexibility of a short-term commitment, allowing you to end your subscription at any time. This is the ideal plan for freelancers and owners of small businesses who need to accommodate for temporary staffing and require software on an as-needed basis.

One-year plan ($19/month pre paid annually)

The one-year plan offers a great discount on the monthly plan and is pre paid annually. This is the ideal plan for any customer who plan to use Justinmind along the year.

Unlimited Prototypes and Users

What happens if I already have Justinmind? If that’s your case we have good news for you. We removed the limits of prototypes and users, so now you have unlimited users and prototypes in any Usernote account! And one more thing, Usernote is free for everyone! Yes, even for the users of Prototyper Free. And even another gift for our beloved users. If you had a Usernote Plus plan, now you also can enjoy Prototyper Pro without additional charges! Check your account settings to get your key for Prototyper Pro.

Victor Conesa

About the Author

Victor is the Product Manager at Justinmind. His specialties include business analysis, usability, requirements management and prototyping. When not busy doing that he is known to eat or sleep.

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