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Justinmind’s VP of Product talks backlog management best practices in this Mind the Product guestpost

How to manage a product backlog? It’s one of the biggest challenges facing product managers. Justinmind‘s VP of Product Victor Conesa is no different: in a year when Justinmind released a ton of new features and improved the usability of our prototyping tool, Victor had to take his product backlog management skills to the next level.

Writing in Mind the Product, Victor explains the challenges of ‘grooming’ his product team’s backlog and why it’s a bad idea to compare “apples and oranges” – user stories that are wildly different in content and scope.

As Product Owner, Victor needed a system that allowed him to compare like stories with like while still maintaining a global vision. So he came up with the ‘mini backlog system’ that Justinmind now uses. Mini backlogs allow the product team to prioritize stories more effectively and to build more effective sprints.

Go to the original post to read how Victor uses mini backlogs to stay organized

In the post, Victor also discusses variations on the mini backlog system based on different team sizes and situations. Discussing both Split Backlogs and Velocity Tracking, Victor provides a 360º perspective of staying on top of a backlog.

The post is aimed at product owners who are looking for a streamlined sprint and an efficient scrumTake a look on Mind the Product!

Cassandra is Marketing Lead at Justinmind

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