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This year’s UXUK Awards take place tomorrow and as a longstanding sponsor of the event, Justinmind wants to remind any stragglers to get on and get their tickets now!

This year’s User Experience UK (UXUK) Awards take place tomorrow, Thursday, November 10th in London. As the favorite prototyping tool of many UXers, Information Architects and UI Designers, Justinmind is proud to be sponsoring the event.

Spaces for the event are limited so if you’re interested, get in touch right away by emailing tickets@uxukawards.com

When? Thursday, November 10th 2016

Where? The Crypt on the Green: St James Clerkenwell, Clerkenwell Close London, EC1R 0EA

Get to know the judges

Judge panel includes Head of Design for Capital One Aline Baeck, UX & UI Design and Development Manager at John Lewis Anna Burrell, Head of Design at AOL Matt Zarandi, and Head of Brand & Design at WWF UK, Claire Lowe. With a reputation for listening to what customers really want and balancing that with commercially viable solutions, check out her 60 second Q&A here!

The shortlist for the awards was announced earlier this month, see more info on the shortlisted entries here.

The 2015 UXUK Awards

Best User Experience Winner & Best Learning or Education Experience Winner: Future Learn

Best Not for Profit Winner: Amnesty International

Best Public Sector Winner: Nottinghamshire County Council

Best Student Project Winner: City University London

See the full list of event winners here.

And with the UXUK Awards drawing 2016 to a close, we’ve been looking at potential trends and insights into the future direction of the UX industry in 2017.

  • Designing with the ‘non-ideal’ user in mind. It’s pretty clear to everyone in the world of web and mobile app design that the user is king, i.e. we should be designing for the user. But often we end up taking the easy way out, assuming that the people who are going to use our products and services are the ideal users. Target audience and real users are not the same thing. So how do we plan and test for the ‘non-ideal’, unplanned user? Bring on failure-mapping. As Chase Buckley at UX Magazine has it: “failure-mapping will allow UX designers to better understand, anticipate, and model non-ideal scenarios, allowing us to better handle incorrect usage of products and services.”
  • Conversational UX Design will continue to rise on up. With an emphasis on catering to the unpredictable behavior of the ‘non-ideal’ user, so designing according to prior actions becomes ever more important. This includes making OSS savvy enough to suggest apps and services that specific users will find enjoyable and useful – a sort of predictive text gone predictive feature. As Ben Moss puts it on Web Designer Depot: “A conversational UX can have the same interaction as a million call centers, without the need for hold music, security questions, or checking with its supervisor.”
  • 2017 will see even more emphasis on team building, Employee Experience and collaborative design frameworks as the tech world evolves in the areas of Agile and cross-functional teams in a bid to build a culture of continuous improvement, both internally and for the end user. David Pasztor from UX Studio suggests: “Product people, and managers on different levels should listen more to their designers, and let them use these new methods.”


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Emily is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind

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