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SM Hacks 2017 will see 200 high schoolers come together for a 24 hour code-fest, full of programming, UX design and hackathon fun.

Justinmind is especially proud to be sponsoring SMHacks, San Mateo’s first high school hackathon, held 14th-15th January. The hackathon will bring together 200 young programmers from all walks of life for a 24 hour non-stop programming fest, complete with workshops on UX Design and Git. Co-organized by young programmer Samuel Escapa, who although still in high school already has 5 years of hackathons under his belt, SM Hacks will gather together “innovators of tomorrow into an amazing experience”. Justinmind is super happy to be sponsoring the Bay Area’s prototyping and programming talent of the future.

Wait. What’s a hackathon?

For those not in the know, a hackathon is when a big group of people come together and programme like crazy, collaboratively, and usually for days nonstop. Sound intense? Yep, it is, but SM Hacks co-founder Samuel sees that as part of the fun: “the best thing about hacking is the community. You’re all together, it doesnt matter if you’ve never programmed before or don’t know anything, it’s the best way to learn.”

Hackathons that made history (kind of)

Samuel’s right – hackathons are awesome fun – but they can also be jumping off points for stellar projects too. Take the GroupMe app, which was dreamed up at the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon in 2010 and bought by Skype a year later for $80 million. Or fellow hackathon baby Slick Login, bought by Google in 2014, a mere 5 months after its launch. Some CEO’s also swear by internal hackathons to get creativity flowing in the design and development teams.

But building a ready-to-ship product certainly isn’t the aim of most hackathons, including SM Hacks. “Really, hackathons have taught me about networking and teambuilding,” says Samuel. “Building a programming community is what hackathons do.”

SM Hacks: Who and what

SM Hacks will run from noon on the 17th September to noon the next day. 200 high schoolers from the San Mateo area will get together in groups of up to 4 to build something awesome. Hackers can form their own group or can be teamed up by the event mentors, meaning that even first-timers will be coding and collaborating from the get-go.

There will also be two workshops – Introduction to UX Design and Introduction to Git – on the first afternoon, for those who want a break from building. Plus of course, snooze spots are provided (bring a sleeping bag and pillow!) as are midnight snacks and meals.

To find out where an interactive prototyping tool like Justinmind fits into the software development process, check out our post on prototyping process models.

Cassandra is Marketing Lead at Justinmind

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