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It’s been a really exciting time here at Justinmind! This year we’ve experienced various evolutions as we’ve introduced new and improved features and elements to bring you an even better prototyping tool. Scroll down for a recap of our year in interactive prototyping!






We started 2015 off with a bang! In January, we made it possible to import from Sketch and Illustrator so that you could work with Vectorial SVG files as with other images. SVG is designed to be customized, resized and adapted without any loss of quality, making it useful and efficient to work with as high-resolution screens and responsive apps increasingly come into use. High-resolution and responsive design at the prototyping stage? Sorted!

Our New Year update also included Parallax Scrolling, to enhance your prototyping experience by making it more dynamic and visually interactive—while also being able to keep to your design flow.

And we understand the importance of being able to work and play on multiple devices. The Justinmind platform allows you to navigate through your wireframe and experience it on a real device. And early this year, we made the platform iPhone6 and 6+ prototype-ready. Awesome!

February saw the release of our new iOS 8 UI widget library in version 6.4.1, with a set of 400+ widgets for iOS8, as well as fully functional, pre-designed iOS screens coming into play. Remember: our widget libraries are entirely customizable to allow precision scaling and maximum quality, at any size!

This year, Parallax has blown up—with good reason! Done right, it rocks. In March we gave you a brand new Parallax UI Widget library. With ready-to-use parallax widgets that you can drag-and-drop into your design and combine with other design elements, you can’t go wrong!

This spring, we improved data-driven prototyping. Stakeholders tend to be more involved in the review of a prototype if they see real data on it. So, we went the extra mile and made it possible to transform Data Masters and import real data into great-looking Datagrids and Datalists.

In May, we teamed up with Noble Desktop to help train users in app prototyping and user testing with the use of Justinmind, with the goal being to improve conversion and user engagement. Check out the program’s upcoming training sessions here.

We then launched our v6.6 update, making it easier for you to rapidly add simultaneous actions and interactions to your web or mobile prototypes. This release also featured improvements to the collaborative prototyping process and enhanced event features! Our goal was to boost collaboration techniques and help you create richer prototypes that look and work just like the real app.

During the summer, we rolled out Justinmind v6.7, which saw a new integration with Adobe Illustrator, making it possible to copy/paste/edit vector images in SVG format into your wireframes and prototypes. Hey. You. Faancy!

We spent some time getting in touch with our Justinminders to hear how they’re getting on with the tool. In early August, we spoke to Markku Lukkarinen at Tieto and Jack Bellis at Elsevier about how they use Justinmind as a fully functioning prototyping tool for enterprise.

We switched things up in September with our v6.8 release, adding the Rotate element to the extensive list of actions you can perform in your interactive wireframes. But there was even more to come! We pride ourselves on being up-to-the-minute and down with the kids. With the evolution of wearable technology, we introduced an amazing array of 100+ Apple Watch library widgets, carefully crafted for you by our in-house designers.

Soon after, we launched a new version of Justinmind with a whole new user experience for your web and mobile prototyping. A big part of this related to redesigning the events dialog, making your prototyping journey with Justinmind even more intuitive, clearer and all-round more efficient!

It’s been a big year for UX Design and so we decided to write to you about enhancing usability and user experience in your website or mobile app through interactive prototyping. This was a continuation from some of our other posts on UX, such as the importance of the UnderlineAtomic Design and Progressive Disclosure.

Christmas brought a brand new Justinmind release down your chimney, with new interactions, improved experience, and better prototypes. We brought you new event triggers, including the OnPanelActive and OnVariableChange, new functions in the expression builder AND you can now open multiple prototypes at the same time! And that’s not all! There’s also a cool revival of Space Invaders: play on, you won’t want to stop! In case you missed it, check out our complete set of updates here.




As you can see, it really has been an exciting time for us this year and we’re looking forward to an even better 2016 with all of you!

So happy holidays folks! We’ll see you on the other side! If you haven’t already downloaded Justinmind, here’s your chance:


Emily is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind

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