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Faster user feedback loops, in-depth research and better analytics than ever before. Boost your user testing process with Validately and Justinmind.

With our latest release, we officially announced our new partnership with leading user testing and research software platform, Validately. With the launch, Justinmind users can now easily test their prototypes using Validately’s platform in order to get immediate user feedback. The partnership allows Justinmind users to conduct quick usability tests as well as more in-depth research interviews in Validately on their high-fidelity prototypes and wireframes.

An introduction to Validately

New York based Validately is a user research platform designed to help user researchers, UX designers, and product managers build products that customers love. Validately’s platform offers both unmoderated and moderated testing, tools and analytics to help analyze research results, and recruiting services to help users find and schedule testers.

“We believe that user testing at the prototyping stage of the design process is paramount to successful software development. We have decided to collaborate with such an outstanding company as Validately, with the objective being to provide our customers with an even more comprehensive service.” (Victor Conesa, Product VP at Justinmind)

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What does the integration mean for users?

With the Justinmind and Validately partnership, Justinmind users will be able to test their Justinmind created prototypes and get immediate feedback from users, directly from Justinmind’s online services account. Learn how to perform user testing with Validately and Justinmind here.

Justinmind users can now easily test their prototypes using Validately’s platform in order to get immediate user feedback.

Validately offers two types of tests:

  • Self-Moderated Think Alouds:
    • You create a test using your prototype – desktop or mobile.
    • Define a set of tasks.
    • Asks questions after tasks and at the conclusion of the test.
    • You can use Validately’s panel or testers or send the test link to your own testers
    • Tests will speak out loud as they interact with the prototype. Their screen interactions, the audio, and responses to the questions are all recorded.
  • Moderated Discussion:
    • You send a tester a test link and have a live session with tester.
    • During the session you can switch between various prototypes.
    • As you watch the tester interact with the prototype in real time, you can ask questions and have a meaningful dialogue with the tester.
    • All of the audio and screen interactions are recorded.
    • Works for mobile and desktop prototypes.

With the launch, all Justinmind PRO users will be able to try out Validately free of charge and are eligible for special launch promotions with the purchase of an annual Validately plan.  So what are you waiting for! Get on it!

Emily is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind

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