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Explore the ways in which you can make your design process more efficient by reusing content in your prototypes with Justinmind’s templates and masters.

We are always looking for ways to design more efficiently, and it’s in our nature to be attached to things we have created, even if they are only ideas, or prototypes. Prototyping with reusable content and styles allows us to preserve our designs from the outset whilst avoiding rework. Let’s look into how this can be achieved.

Dream big, design appropriately with prototypes

UX design demands research, because no two projects, clients or users are the same. We know this. Sure they may be similar, but each is fundamentally unique, and should be treated this way, meaning you may have to alter the way you deliver your project. Staying upbeat with the latest trends, getting feedback from users and evaluating your designs based on that feedback is essential, don’t get us wrong. However, surely where you can avoid rework, you’ll avoid it, right?

Imagine that your application has already been signed, sealed and delivered. There have been, days, weeks, even months of hardships, but it’s all over now. So what next? All that hard work you’ve put into your finished project. That’s all well and good, but to what end? Same again tomorrow? Or can you reuse your designs? Great ideas should be recycled, shouldn’t they? Yes, we think so.

Now, imagine you’ve created a prototype that uses some of the same elements over and over again in different screens of the application. What would you do? Create them from scratch over and over and over again? Err, nope. How about using a prototyping tool that will allow you to reuse your work?

Thinking green with Justinmind

What if reusable content was the baseline for all prototyping work within your project? Things you need again and again – buttons, content sliders, media objects, etc. – could be modularized and reused. Reusable styles, content and layouts could save you loads of time that you might have spent modifying your designs, and let you quickly try out new ideas to see what works and what should be binned. Think of all the time you’d save!


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Prototype templates to reuse your content

At the early stages of web design, accuracy is often treated as secondary to development speed – wrong! Using accurate fonts and content allows you to visualize how the layout will actually appear in the end product, giving you a a more realistic view of how your copy fits. Reusing content allows you to gather pace, save resources and speed up time to market by simply tweaking your design process. By using templates, you can easily reuse content, assets and screen design layouts for more efficient prototyping. Work your already-built designs into new prototypes, and can define the style guide or templates that will set the standards for the whole project, sharing content and behavior between screens.

Prototype masters to leverage your work

You can build masters that you can use in different screens and in different projects. Masters are groups of components that can be reused anywhere in a prototype. As such, it’s an excellent way to spread global changes, because when something is changed in the master, that change takes effect in all of its instances in the prototype. Effective use of masters is key to reusing content, as they help you to save time, reduce rework and keep things consistent.

Prototype custom UI assets to gather pace in the design process

You can create your own UI asset library to be used in the future. Pre-built widgets and customized widgets: pre-built means you can easily use them time and time again without having to create them from scratch. Customized widgets mean you can tweak them where necessary to personalize each project.

And all of this can be imported and exported easily, between other users and in different prototypes. If you think about it, usability is at the core of the prototyping philosophy: save time – save money – and focus on the big picture.

With UI element and icon reuse, you can save time, effort and resources very easily – as well as helping your team work harmoniously and consistently. Justinmind is a great prototyping tool to try out when it comes to reusing content and styles. The comprehensive platform helps you save time as well as resources. Try it now!download-justinmind-prototyping-tool-banner-1

Emily is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind

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