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April 04, 2019
Justinmind-Sketch integration - the perfect combination

How Justinmind and Sketch can help boost collaboration when designing web and mobile experiences

Some combinations work and some don’t. But for designers, clients and developers, the combination of Sketch and Justinmind provides you with the ultimate prototyping dream team.

Justinmind’s Sketch integration bridges the gap between Mac, Windows and Linux. The Sketch plugin allows you to import your Sketch design into Justinmind while preserving all your layers, letting users of other platforms interact with your Sketch designs and making developer handoff a breeze.

From there, harness Justinmind’s power to go from Sketch design to high-fidelity Sketch mockup without even a lick of code. Choose from the wide range of UI elements and interactive events available in our mockup tool to finalize your Sketch masterpiece. Just what you’ve been dreaming of, right?

Justinmind-Sketch integration - create Sketch mockups

The Justinmind-Sketch integration is also the key to kick-starting collaboration across teams of various disciplines. Our plugin also harnesses Sketch’s collaboration potential for a more powerful way of designing in teams.

To learn more about the great benefits of creating a high-fidelity, interactive Sketch mockup with Justinmind, read on.

Sketch designs without borders

Want the luxury of working dynamically across different design tools and platforms? With the Justinmind Sketch integration, it’s that easy.

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Control and flexibility

Start by creating your artboard in Sketch with as many beautiful images, complex shapes, and illustrious fonts as you like. Then, when you’re ready, export your assets to Justinmind within seconds.

You can choose to export your artboards as individual layers, or you can export it as one image, so you can keep working on the visual layout of your Sketch mockup with our drag and drop UI libraries. The latter option allows you to maintain styles implemented in your artboard while you work on your Sketch mockup’s interaction in Justinmind.

Justinmind-Sketch integration - export artboards as layers

The best part is that, in doing so, you bridge the gap between your Sketch designs and users of different operating systems. You can then add functionality to Sketch designs with Justinmind’s selection of effects and animations to give your Sketch mockup an interactive edge and render it high-fidelity.

You can even choose how you wish to view your Sketch mockup in Justinmind: as a web, mobile or tablet prototype, and between portrait and landscape.

Check out our tutorial for further information on how to build Sketch mockups in Justinmind.

Justinmind-Sketch integration - create mobile and web sketch mockups

Familiar workspace

So you like the way your Sketch workspace is arranged, and don’t want to have to learn where things are in a different tool? No problem.

If you’re a Sketch veteran, then you’ll find Justinmind’s user interface highly intuitive. When creating your Sketch mockup, use our neat folder system in the Screens tab to replicate Sketch pages that contain your artboards. We’ve taken care of file naming too so nothing’s out of place. Because there’s no place like home.

Justinmind-Sketch integration - both share a familiar layout

Enhanced collaboration

Without the contribution of non-creatives – marketers, developers, Business Analysts and stakeholders– in the design process, you’re missing vital information. For instance, a designer might suggest a minor change that will have a huge impact on the product’s performance.

Bringing disciplines together

The Sketch-Justinmind integration isn’t just useful for breaking down the barriers between users of different platforms. We also designed our platform with collaboration in mind. Working collaboratively reduces the margin of error and allows greater freedom to innovate. Justinmind kicks down the borders between designers, developers and clients, bringing teams of varying disciplines round one project.

Our tool allows multiple users to edit the Sketch mockup, and leave their feedback on different components ranging from design to structural elements. They can also mark Comments with pre-made, color-coded categories for UX designers, clients and developers.

Justinmind-Sketch integration - easy designer-developer hand-off

But it doesn’t stop there – our online feature lets non-Justinmind users access a simulation of your Sketch mockup. These non-Justinminders may include clients and test users, and is an excellent way of garnering important feedback and reviews.

And when you’re ready to bring your Sketch mockup to life, Justinmind ensures a quick and easy developer handoff. Automatically generate all the design specs for your Sketch mockup, including interactions, and have your developers build it out into the real McCoy.

Create interactive mockups with Justinmind-Sketch integration - smooth designer-developer hand-off

Check out Justinmind’s Teamwork features to further understand how our tool allows team members to collaborate simultaneously on a Sketch mockup.

Easy to learn

Lastly, Justinmind’s onboarding method makes it quick and simple for anyone to get to grips with our mockup tool. First-time users can avail of the beginner’s mode, which includes a set of tooltips that take you on a guided tour of all the features of Justinmind’s interface.

You can also find videos on our YouTube channel, as well as learning materials available on our website for additional support.

Justinmind-Sketch integration - easy to learn

Generate and manage assets

A centralized assets management strategy makes it much easier to streamline design workflow to ensure that your team is on-brand, and to share creative ideas regarding your Sketch mockup.

Sketch and Justinmind’s solution for disconnected assets is to build UI elements with Atomic design. Atomic design methodology involves breaking down elements into their smallest pieces, so you can adapt them to changing styles, sizes and layouts without much rework to your Sketch mockup.

When you can break down and build elements back up in just a few clicks, it’s easier to see what works and what doesn’t. This effective methodology lets you work your way progressively from the most miniscule design elements towards templates and, eventually towards the final pages of your Sketch mockup.

Justinmind-Sketch integration - generate and manage assets

Showing your clients and stakeholders the actual templates and pages of your app or website is a great way of getting them onboard with the various layouts of your Sketch mockup, as they are generally more interested in the bigger picture.

Additionally, both of the tools’ UI frameworks make centralizing digital assets much easier. Most of Sketch and Justinmind’s UI elements are built using vectors. Vectors that you create in Sketch will be exported over to Justinmind as responsive and scalable SVGs. This makes it easier for users of different screen densities and sizes to easily view and work on said elements, fine tuning them to meet your design system.

Justinmind-Sketch integration - export scalable vector images

Maintain brand consistency and avoid repeated work with templates

Shortcuts are designed for a reason – to make your life easier. If teams are always designing from scratch, they run the risk of duplicating effort and rework, creating versioning and quality control issues, and increasing the number of assets that they create but never use. Constantly designing elements from scratch can also lead to inconsistency throughout your designs, rendering them incoherent.

Reusing content helps us maintain styles across multiple designs and makes them go further. Sketch and Justinmind have some pretty effective content reuse capabilities.

In the Sketch app, you can create templates and place them directly into a project. Templates allow designers to spread styles across designs, which cuts down on new work and helps ensure brand consistency with your Sketch mockup. Then there are symbols, which allow you to reuse groups of the same elements throughout your designs and/or share them among colleagues.

Justinmind-Sketch integration - reduce design workload with templates and masters

With Justinmind, you can use templates and masters to spread global changes across screens of the same Sketch mockup or across multiple files. You can export both, enabling your entire team to make use of them.

Collaborative design just got even better – Justinmind’s Sketch integration has made reworking elements a thing of the past. Instead of re-creating UI elements in your Sketch mockups, you can reuse the ones you and your team have created in Sketch.

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Simulate designs in real-time

Presenting your mockup design is what enables you to get feedback from collaborators, clients, stakeholders and users.

Conceptualizing and framing your great design is almost as important as your great design. Our advice is to design and present your Sketch mockup in the same tool to avoid losing or misplacing information during the content exchange.

There are several ways you can present your Sketch mockups with Justinmind. You can simulate your web mockups in your browser – any browser. Alternatively, blow it up on a big screen – scale to shine. And, in the same way you design your Sketch mockup in mobile view, you can also present it on the actual mobile or tablet device.

Justinmind-Sketch integration - get high-fidelity mockup simulations of your Sketch designs

By simulating your Sketch mockup in a way that makes sense for your product, you’ll improve the user experience for your audience and have them focus on the product, giving you helpful insights.

Work across multiple design tools

Designing in multiple tools can be a nightmare – all those hours wasted cutting, pasting and resizing, not to mention the constant worry that you’re missing something.  Things can get real messy, real quick! Nonetheless, when design tools facilitate the move on your behalf, life gets that much easier.

When it comes to Justinmind´s integration with Sketch, for example, the open-source nature of Sketch makes the transition simple. Just install the plugin and you’re ready to go!

The lowdown

Apart from making your Sketch designs available to professionals who use other platforms, Justinmind´s integration with Sketch has the power to align teams of varying disciplines towards one clear goal – designing the right product for the user.

The ability to make those Sketch designs that you worked so hard on come to life by adding interactions is yet another benefit of this mighty combination.

Render our Sketch plugin for Justinmind now and take advantage of this amazing new design integration.

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