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Watch our video to see how a prototyping tool can improve software development projects, from gathering and validating requirements to reducing rework and costs.

The Standish Group‘s 2015 Chaos Report made for tough reading for those involved in software development. According to the report, almost 20% of the year’s software development projects failed, and among larger Enterprise projects the figures were even worse: only 2% of ‘grand’ projects from 2011 to 2015 counted as successful. Scary stuff.

Understandably, everyone involved in these projects, from business analysts and product managers to developers and end users, would benefit from better management of software development projects. So the team at Justinmind put together a video on the role of interactive prototyping in enhancing the definition and management of software specifications. Discussing everything from how to avoid writing textual requirements to using interactive protoypes to validate and iterate requirements over project lifecycle, our Enterprise Solutions Specialist Stephen Lu provides expert advice on how to gather, validate and share software specs to promote efficiency and project success. Watch it right here!

Aligning business with IT: Why?

What’s the business case for integrating interactive prototyping into Enterprise software projects? By looking at the challenges and opportunities currently found in software development, examining the Software Development Life Cycle up close, and giving an overview of interactive prototyping, the video lays out how prototyping can streamline activities and alleviate common pain points.

Discover how Justinmind can help you align Business and IT


What’s in the video

The Justinmind team looks at how to:

  • Define business requirements efficiently
  • Improve collaboration and customer alignment
  • Improve traceability by visualizing user flows with interactive scenarios
  • Engage users with hi-fi simulation and device testing

You’ll also be introduced to Justinmind and walked through its Enterprise features: collaborative requirements definition and management, interactive comments systems, on-device testing and related functionality through realistic use cases.

Watch the video above or go to our YouTube channel to find out more about Justinmind.



Cassandra is Marketing Lead at Justinmind

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