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Check out these unmissable UX videos for expert insights into user experience, usability and key design principles

Check out these unmissable UX videos for expert insights into user experience, usability and key design principles

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next mobile app development project, new ways of building usability testing into your UX design process, or just looking to brush up on the latest web design trends, these 5 must-see UX videos are for you. Including real-world insights from Spotify, AirBnb and Apple, the talks delve into the how and why of current UX design trends, as well as casting an eye toward the future of UX design and the relationship between user and designer. So sit back and check out the best UX videos for web and mobile designers right now.

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Best UX video #1— Simplicity sells

In this hilarious talk, New York Times columnist David Pogue exposes the worst user interfaces he’s come across, interspersed with self-composed songs bemoaning bad UX design (our favorite has to be the Steve Jobs song). In the UX video, Pogue claims that we’re facing a phenomenon he terms ‘software rage’, the feeling people get when faced with clumsy and crowded user interfaces. Playing for laughs by revealing some of the funniest user helpline stories from Apple and picking apart some of Microsoft’s most egregious design blunders, Pogue discusses the problem behind software rage: users demand ever-more features and functionality, at the same time as favouring smaller gadgets and interfaces.

How should UI designers fit these ever-expanding features into usable interfaces, avoiding the ‘complexity crunch’? Examining the case of the stratospheric success of the iPod, Pogue identifies sometimes less really is more, and when it comes to UX simplicity sells.

The take-away from this UX video: the hard part isn’t deciding what to put in to your UI, it’s deciding what to leave out. Simplicity sells!

Best UX video #2— 404, the story of a page not found

No one likes landing on a 404 page. In his TED talk Renny Gleeson describes reaching a 404 page as akin to a feeling of “being broken”. Comparing 404 breakdowns to relationship breakdowns, Gleeson captures the frustration of the classic 404 loop. But a 404 doesn’t have to be wholly negative for either designer or user, says Gleeson.

Working with his tech incubator, he and several start-ups challenged themselves to create a better 404 user experience. With the help of an unfortunate cycling incident captured on video, one start-up created a page that “actually felt like what it felt like to hit a 404”. Not only that – the page also spoke to users, creating a sense of empathy with their 404 experience and encouraging them to try again. Landing on an error page, instead of being a bummer, became a moment for both user and designer to reflect on user needs and brand identity.

The take-away from this UX video: “little things done right actually matter. Well designed moments build brands”

Best UX video #3— UX design means business

Jared Spool centers his talk on the importance on aligning business goals and technology, ensuring your businesses UX design bridges the gap between the organization’s strategy and its products. UX and UI design should, according to Spool, support and enhance business goals, not take away from them. Focusing on examples from sectors as varied as banking and global media, Spool shows how UX design of web or mobile sites is, or should be, “the rendering of intent”.

Business objectives are stronger when they are integrated with user experience strategy; so why have businesses traditionally split these two departments up? Spool delves into how content can inform our understanding of UX strategy, how to understand and design for the priorities of senior executives and how to tailor your UX strategy for emerging business models

The take-away from this UX video: aligning business objectives and design creates mutual benefit for users and businesses

Best UX video #4— How AirBnb designs for trust

How do you convince people to invite complete strangers to sleep in their homes? Through great UI and UX design, says AirBnb co-founder Joe Gebbia. Describing his own anxiety on first letting a stranger sleep on an airbed in his apartment (where AirBnb first got started), Gebbia’s UX video brings into relief the ‘stranger bias’ that we all have; can we generate trust between two total strangers so that, without ever meeting, they can share their most intimate spaces? Gebbia gives us insights into how AirBnb’s savvy use of microcopy, microinteractions, user flows and information sharing builds trust between strangers.

The take-away from this UX video: design can overcome some of our deepest-rooted social biases


Best UX video #5— The complex relationship between data and design in UX

As Senior Designer at Spotify, Rochelle King brings to her UX video a wealth of insight into the creation of successful digital experiences. Drawing parallels between the actual physical experience of listening to live music at a gig and the experience of listening on Spotify, King breaks down the steps of creating a good user experience. The interactions, flows and music are condensed from a concert hall into a palm-sized screen. So what does that imply for product designers? More control, yes, but more responsibility for creating a good user experience.

Data is King’s secret weapon in ensuring Spotify delivers the best music experience possible. The data Spotify collects helps them carry out constant product iteration, refining their UI based on user behavior. Rather than data distancing us from real users, King insists it can actually bring individuals and their choices into focus.

The take-away from this UX video: the job of the UX designer is to harness and leverage the power of data


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