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Justinmind is excited to be speaking at the Authy & Node BASE meet-up this coming Thursday, October 27th in San Francisco! Sign up now for a great event based around Two Factor Authentication.

Easy and Quick 2FA: As security in web applications gets increasingly complex, many businesses are turning to Two Factor Authentication (2FA) as a way to secure their user’s on-boarding and continued use. The hosts from Authy will briefly discuss why any 2FA is an important requirement for web citizenship. Then, they’ll walk through a basic 2FA implementation, how it’s implemented at  and discuss how it can be used for both authentication of both logins and transactions for web and mobile applications. Justinmind will be speaking about how you can implement this feature in your web and mobile prototypes for enhanced security and privacy.

Sign up for the event here! It’s free 😉

When? Thursday, October 27th 2016 18.00-21.30

Where? Twilio, 645 Harrison Street, 3rd floor, San Francisco, CA

About Authy’s Josh Staples: 
Authy original, Security Wonk, JavaScript Lover, 3D Artist, and Software Architect
About Twilio:
Build apps that communicate with everyone in the world. Voice & Video, Messaging, and Authentication APIs for every application.

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Emily is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind

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