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Sketch plugins can transform how you approach your work and get things done. These 25 best Sketch plugins will give you the boost you need

Sketch plugins can transform how you approach your work and get things done. These 25 best Sketch plugins will give you the boost you need

Sketch is one powerful UI design tool, made all the more potent because of all the useful Sketch plugins out there.

Since designers have the freedom to make Sketch their own, this has helped grow a big community of loyal users who create plugins and add-ons. This makes our lives easier when designing solutions to even the most difficult of design problems.

With the right plugins, you can start to have a lot of fun with Sketch, especially if you want to speed up your workflow, be a more efficient designer and create stunning designs.

In this post, let’s discover 25 of the best Sketch plugins that you should download now.

Justinmind Sketch

Are you prototyping beautiful user interfaces in Sketch and want to spice them up with a punch of interactivity? With Justinmind Sketch you can export your designs directly into the interactive prototyping tool with just a click.

And no sweat – all your individual layers are preserved exactly as you made them in Sketch.

sketch plugin from justinmind explanation of extension

This powerful plugin allows you to add animation and effects to your UI elements making your design process faster than before.

If you want to learn a little more about how the plugin works, go ahead and read about how it works on our learning center: Justinmind Sketch.


Give your workflow the boost it deserves. Download the Justinmind Sketch plugin.

Download free


Sketch plugin website - image optim

Enormous image file sizes are the bain of many designers’ lives. That’s why it’s a good idea to compress them. That way, you can stop your system from getting bloated and slowing you  down.

ImageOptim let’s users compress their JPG and PNG images, saving precious disk space and bandwidth – all without losing any quality. Before you get crazy with compression, be sure to have the app installed on your computer first.

Find & Replace 

Sketch plugin - find and replace logo or icon

Changing the copy in a user interface is an intricate and, at times, drawn-out process. Is that one word or two? Does that word need a hyphen?

It’s vital to get the copywriting right, especially if you want you keep your audience engaged with mobile app or website.

Imagine this whole time you’ve been creating a UI design and you’ve been misspelling your client’s brand name. And you’ve spelled it incorrectly hundreds of times. Don’t worry, that’s where find and replace comes in really useful.

Find and replace will search your entire Sketch file and replace the word with the one you want, just like any other find and replace function. What makes this plugin brilliant is that you can limit replacing text to just the layer you have selected or the entire artboard.

Sketch Measure

Speed up the designer developer process with Sketch Measure. The plugin has a bunch of features that make spec export easier and accurate. sketch plugins top 25 - measure

The Sketch plugin comes with a smartly designed toolbar that will make it easier to deliver accurate specifications in a few seconds. The 2.6 version enjoys a brand new UI that is both friendly and intuitive. UX designers, rejoice!

With exact measurements of defined elements and the ability to export styles into HTML / CSS, your collaboration just got an upgrade. Did we mention that you can inspect all the design elements, including the CSS style offine? 

Sketch Toolbox

Sketch plugin - toolbox icon from website

Sketch Toolbox is a plugin manager that lets you browse the most popular plugins for Sketch and download them.  Toolbox will automatically keep them up to date for you.

That way, you can stay on top of all your plugins and keep your workflow organized as possible.

Magic Mirror 3 

When creating mockups, you can really wow your client when your UI is in situ. Want to show a really cool screen you designed but in context? With Magic Mirror 3, that’s possible.

Sketch plugin - magic mirror website header

Designers can use the Sketch plugin to create perspective mockups. Before, you would have to do this sort of witchcraft in Photoshop but with Magic Mirror, you no longer have to leave Sketch to do what you want.

Now you can transform your artboards into shapes and create perfect perspective mockups thanks to Magic Mirror. It is worth noting that this sort of magic has a price and Magic Mirror comes in at the price of one cup of coffee a month, $1.99.

Of course, you still can’t add interactivity with Magic Mirror. Sad trombone.


Sketch addons - plant website header

When it comes to collaboration between designers and developers, it’s important to get version control right. Having assets all over the place only causes confusion and slows a project down.

What Plant does is help designers work in a linear fashion. This keeps the workflow simple.

The beauty of Plant is that it’s integrated into Sketch and adds a nifty side panel instead of relying on an external app. With a glance of your project outline, all commits in one place, Plant is a mighty addition to any designer’s toolbox.

Sketch Style Inventory

Sketch plugin - style inventory download example

Experimenting and playing around are part of the design process. Iterating upon your designs helps us narrow down to the style that we want the final product to have.

Sometimes you create really nice styles and other times, not so much. With Sketch Style Inventory, you can keep all your styles in one place.

Icon Font

Icon Font makes using icons a doddle. With Icon Fonts, you can choose from thousands upon thousands of icons from Font Awesome and Ionicons. Icon Font lets you convert the icons to outline, too.

It’s biggest selling point to designers everywhere is that instead of copying and pasting each individual icon, you can just insert as many icons as you wish into Sketch. On a separate note, developers will also find a friend in this plugin – no more searching for the names of each icon the design team used in your product. Instead, find it directly in Sketch. No search, no problem.

Sort Me

Sketch plugin - sort me logo

Getting lost in a labyrinth of layers is a nightmare. Sort Me is a Sketch plugin that allows you to order your layers and artboards by name, saving you precious design time. 

A word of caution for those with the latest version of Sketch: the Sort Me plugin has only been tested by its developer on Sketch 46 and on macOS Sierra. Users with Sketch 52 or Mojave might experience some issues.


Designers have a ton of shortcuts to remember. Whether it’s in Illustrator, Sketch or Photoshop our heads are filled with hundreds of shortcuts to make our workflow smoother. Sometimes though that can lead to confusion. Thankfully Runner is here to help.

sketch extensions - keyboard shortcut RUNNER

What Runner does is supercharge your workflow by giving you an intuitive interface. No longer do you have to scour through menus to get what you want, simply press a few keys on your keyboard and you’re good to go.

Sketch Focus

best sketch plugin - Sketch focus logo

If your productivity needs an overhaul then look no further than Sketch Focus. Stay on task by adding notes and tasks to your documents. You can also link layers to your items and use it as a personal change log, making Sketch Focus a powerful productivity booster.


If you want to step up your web design game and get quick HTML of your designs then check out Blade. Blade lets you automatically generate HTML web prototypes from your design and names the HTML and CSS selectors too.  

Simply group your layers together in an artboard, run the plugin and select “Export current artboard”, then sit back and watch the magic happen. Converting your work to code has never been so easy or so quick.

Sketch Data Studio

best sketch extensions - data studio website official

If you’re using data in your design then check out Sketch Data Studio. The plugin lets you generate data tables and charts easily and automatically from real data.

You can import your data from an Excel file or any other spreadsheet and the plugin will generate several different ways to visualize the data, such as charts or data tables. As you can imagine, this decreases the time and stress of designing data visualizations of any kind on Sketch. A definite win in our book!

If the awesome functionality wasn’t enough for you, Sketch Data Studio also has a series of Youtube tutorials on how to make the most of your use of Sketch. Watch it if you’re only getting started on Sketch, or watch it as a refresher course. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Lorem Ipsum

Good old Lorem Ipsum.

Regardless of how you feel about the use of dummy text or about ancient Roman senators who rant about pain (we’re looking at you, Cicero) – sometimes, you just need Lorem Ipsum to get a real feel of what your design will look like once it’s finished. As since every second counts for a designer on a deadline, having a plugin that does that for you in a few seconds can come in handy. 

Content Generator

Content Generator is like the more muscular cousin of Lorem Ipsum. It generates dummy data but for a wide array of different reasons: avatars, names, location data are just a few of the ways you can use Content Generator to create dummy data for your designs. 

This can help you see your product with a more representative text, even if it’s still dummy text. Having something more relevant can make a serious different in your design or in your prototype in general. If it does the job better than Lorem Ipsum, why not give it a shot?

Sketch Palettes

best sketch plugins - palettes screenshot as example of use

Go crazy with color using Sketch Palettes.

You can save and load colors into the Sketch color picker as well as share them with others who have the plugin installed. This includes colors, gradients or pattern fills. 

Simply run the “Load palette…” command andchose which of your saved palettes you wish to use. Once you’re done, select “Clear palette” to avoid cluttering your computer and Sketch. Pretty handy, eh?


best sketch plugins - launchpad website top

If you want precise and tidy design files, get Launchpad. You can use it to set fixed margins for layers, symbols and artboards. On top of that, it’s a great plugin to create responsive designs, making handoff that little bit easier. 

The plugin supports web and Android, aside from supporting all screen sizes.


sketch addon for random patterns - CONFETTI

Generate confetti with a click.

Even though creating random patterns with icons and symbols seems like an easy task, it does take its time – and every second counts in the design process. So, save yourself those precious minutes of moving things around and download Confetti!

This plugin gives you a great deal of control over the outcome, including specifications like opacity, rotation, overlap, and so on. Simply choose your icons, determine your settings and Confetti will make sure your have a nice distribution of those elements around your specified area.

Want to change one icon in your design? Just update your chosen elements. Confetti’s got you covered.


best sketch plugins - lingo design consistency

Is your design team struggling to maintain true consistency throughout your whole project? We get it.

When you have several people working on the same project, getting things such as icons and colors right all the time is a real challenge. The use of slightly different icons or buttons can cost your precious time, forcing your team to review everything and go back to correct any tiny mistakes. No. More.

Lingo is the perfect plugin if you want to eliminate this problem altogether – all you need to do is create your design system and share it with your team. Lingo will ensure everyone sticks to the script in their use of buttons, symbols, text styles and so on. The newest version even supports fonts!

User Flows

best ketch plugins - user flows with diagrams

This Sketch plugin helps you to effortlessly create those all important flow diagrams in Sketch. This Sketch plugin helps you out by define links and connections between different screens or buttons, allowing you to add conditional logic wherever needed. Every link or logic can be easily seen and edited in a matter of seconds – making this plugin extremely helpful in mapping out UX. 

With all of the paths and links established, the utility of the plugin culminates in a full flow diagram.  You can also specify what your flow diagram will look like, from the background color to the showing of link layers. Talk about handy!


best sketch extensions - looper

This awesome plugin lets you manage the duplicates of layers and groups. You can create any pattern you wish – just make the initial symbol or pattern and let Looper extrapolate on that for incredibly creative results.

It gives you autonomy in dictating the design outcome by giving you control over opacity, rotation and scale while duplicating just about anything. Fun and time-saving! Who doesn’t love that?

Word of caution: it’s recommended to have at least Sketch 40 or latest for this plugin to work properly.

Animate Mate 

top 25 sketch plugins - animatemate image

Designers have all been there before: you have a great idea for your product and only after everything is in place, it hits you. For you to show this great idea to your developers or to your clients clearly, you need to move every single element to another tool in order to create an animated version. 

That’s why Animate Mate makes it to this list. Creating small animations directly in Sketch may sound like a small thing – but it can make all the difference in your workflow and your ability con convey your ideas to others.


best sketch plugins - blender to blend colors

Blender takes two shapes of different colors and makes a gradient out of them, creating that perfectly blended look. The plugin gives you a say in the border, opacity , route, size and position of each elements to be blended. 

The plugin can even be applied to header texts. You can customize everything – from their position, text color to the spacing between characters.

A small side note here: the program needs the shapes you want to blend to be the same shape so it can work.


Best sketch plugins - slinky HTML converter

For all those designers that have found themselves in the need to craft a beautiful and creative email with little notice, we present: Slinky. This plugin is very useful for designers who create lovely projects on Sketch, only to struggle in their conversion to HTML code.

Here’s the trick. You can use this plugin to convert any creation into code (be it so you can give the code to your developers or clients), and to export your design as an email template. That way, you can turn to that template for any future email campaigns, and forget all about stressing over conversion to code. Feels good, doesn’t it?



A good designer needs a well furnished toolbox. Without a good set of tools, your work will suffer and you’ll needlessly waste your precious time. With these 25 best sketch plugins, your workflow will get the boost it needs.

Steven is the web editor at Justinmind


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  • Victor and company,
    Nice work with that Sketch plugin. The download and install were flawless. I tried a fairly complex project and it worked perfectly. And all the elements come in as objects not flattened images, even rotated text. XML (I’m guessing) has finally delivered some of its promise… across companies!