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11 outstanding user experience design portfolios that will inspire you 

In Justinmind‘s second guestpost on awesome design blog Speckyboy, we present 11 UX portfolios that exemplify good portfolio presentation. Some of them are brimful of UXer personality, others demonstrate the complexities of the User Experience design process in comprehensible ways, others show the power of UX teamwork. But what they all have in common is an adherence to the main tenet of UX – know your user.

A solid UX portfolio is the first step on the path to selling yourself and your skills to potential employers. A good portfolio exhibits your user experience design skills, your user-oriented mindset and the UX process you follow. It’s a chance to show how you build user-friendly products.

So what makes a great UX designer portfolio? The 11 examples we wrote about in Speckyboy provide the recipe to the secret sauce.

Simon Pan

Uber Product Designer Simon Pan has created a portfolio that foregrounds his UX experience. Outlining the objective and UX process of each piece of work, Simon explains his personal part in bringing the project to fruition before breaking down individual activities and describing how he met challenges. This step-by-step storytelling is a great way to get readers emotionally involved in Simon’s UX challenges. Also, he tackles Non-Disclosure Agreements head-on, which is the best way to deal with them.


Go to Speckyboy to see the remaining inspiring UX portfolios!

Cassandra is Marketing Lead at Justinmind

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