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How to create a user test with Validately

In this tutorial, you will learn how to test your prototypes and get immediate feedback from users. With the Justinmind and Validately partnership, you can do this directly from your online services account, by simply clicking on the button ‘Create new user test’.

To publish a prototype on Validately’s user testing platform, follow these 5 simple steps:

1) Sign into your Justinmind online account with your credentials.

2) Click on the prototype that you would like to test. Make your prototype public by switching the toggle button labeled “Public prototype” to ‘ON’.

Important: you will not be given the option to create a user test without performing this step.


3) You will see that below the link to your prototype, a green “Create new user test” button will have appeared. Click on it.


4)  A pop up will appear asking you if you would like to create a new Validately test. Click “Create test”. At this point, you will be passed to the Validately platform, where you will be able to perform a free user test.



Validately offers two types of tests:

  • Self-Moderated Think Alouds:
    • You create a test using your prototype – desktop or mobile.
    • Define a set of tasks.
    • Asks questions after tasks and at the conclusion of the test.
    • You can use Validately’s panel or testers or send the test link to your own testers
    • Tests will speak out loud as they interact with the prototype. Their screen interactions, the audio, and responses to the questions are all recorded.
  • Moderated Discussion:
    • You send a tester a test link and have a live session with tester.
    • During the session you can switch between various prototypes.
    • As you watch the tester interact with the prototype in real time, you can ask questions and have a meaningful dialogue with the tester.
    • All of the audio and screen interactions are recorded.
    • Works for mobile and desktop prototypes.

For more information about each type of test, click here. To find out more about how to create a test with Validately, check out their tutorial on how to create a new user test.

5) Once the user test has been created, the green ‘Create new user test’ button will be replaced by a “Manage user test” button. Click on it to go to the Validately user testing platform and manage your user test.

IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTE: when a prototype is published for user testing, it is accessible through its URL without any user authentication. This means that, unless the prototype is password protected, any person with the URL will be able to access the prototype. So, be careful who you send the URL to!

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