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Shared prototypes: the workspace

When working with Shared prototypes, Justinmind’s user interface will get some additional elements. Let’s see how all these feature controls are distributed.

File Menu

The Justinmind Editor environement - File menu

Here you can find the most basic operations, such as:

1. Open shared prototype: opens a Shared prototype, selected from a list of all the Shared prototypes you have access to.

2. New Shared Prototype: create a new Shared prototype from scratch.

Teamwork Menu

The Justinmind Editor environement - The Teamwork menu

This menu gathers all share-related operations:

  1. Open shared prototype: opens a Shared prototype selected from a list of all the shared prototypes you have access to
  2. Share protoype: shares the currently opened prototype
  3. Manage shared prototypes: from here you can change the properties of the Shared prototypes you own, or that are stored in your account
  4. Add/remove users: here you can specify which users can edit the current Shared prototype
  5. View locked elements: displays the locked elements of the current Shared prototype, and which user has locked them
  6. Commit all: uploads all the local changes made on the current Shared prototuype
  7. Update all: uploads all the changes made by other users to the currently opened prototype
  8. Discard all changes: discards all local changes and gets a clean copy from the server
  9. Unlock all: unlocks all locked elements
  10. Show history: displays the current prototype’s commit history. From here it’s possible to see all revisions and create new prototypes from them
  11. Close prototype: closes the current Shared prototype

Element contextual Menu

Every ‘lockable’ element has to be locked/unlocked using the relevant operations provided in its contextual menu. The menu has the following operations:

  1. Commit: uploads only the local changes of the selected element and all its dependencies (if any)
  2. Discard changes: discards only the local changes of the selected element
  3. Lock/Unlock: lock or unlock the selected element

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