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Shared Prototypes: some exceptions

When working online on a shared prototypes, Justinmind performs synchronization checks with the servers in order to detect differences between the user’s local copy of a Shared prototype and the server’s copy.

These checks may detect when a prototype has been deleted from the server, when your permissions to modify a prototype have been revoked, or when the prototype has been modified by other computers using the same user.

Some of these checks will generate a message (prototype deleted, or permissions revoked):

Teamwork permission synchronization warning

However, if the problem is related to locks synchronization, a dialog will be shown with the following options:Teamwork permission synchronization dialog

  • If ‘Revert to last revision’ is selected, all your local changes will be lost and the last prototype’s revision will be downloaded from the server again. After this, you will be able to continue with your work without problems.
  • If ‘Work offline’ is selected, the shared workspace will be closed and the current prototype will turn into a non-shared prototype.

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