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Shared prototypes: Advanced operations for administrators

If you own a Shared prototype or you are the owner of a Justinmind online account that stores any Shared prototypes, then you can perform some advanced operations.

All of these operations can be accessed from the same dialog that pops up when selecting ‘Manage shared prototypes’ from the ‘Share’ menu.

When selecting ‘Manage shared prototypes’, a new dialog pops up showing a list of all the Shared prototypes (1) you own or have stored in your account and you have permission to modify.

Teamwork - How to manage shared prototypes

When you select a prototype from the list, additional details will be displayed in the right panel (2).

Clicking on the gear icon next to the prototype’s name (3) you can change the name of the selected prototype. To change the name of a Shared prototype, first select the prototype from the list of Shared prototypes and then click on ‘Rename’. A new dialog will pop up displaying an input box. Introduce the new name for the prototype and click ‘Ok’.

In the right panel, a “Manage Users” button will be displayed too (4): by clicking on it, you can invite or uninvite people to work on the selected prototype. For more information about Add/Remove users please check out the ‘Add/Remove users’ operation.

You can change the owner of the selected prototype by clicking the gear icon next to the current owner’s name (5). This specific operation can only be performed by the owner of the Justinmind online account where the Shared prototype is stored. When the button ‘Change owner’ is clicked, a dialog pops up showing a list of all possible owner candidates. Note that only account publishers have the privilege to become a prototype’s owners. The current prototype’s owner will be identified with a different icon:

Teamwork - How to change the owner of a prototype

Finally, you can delete the selected prototype from the server by clicking the red X next to the prototype’s name (6). All the revisions will be deleted as well. A confirmation dialog will pop up before executing the operation:

Teamwork - How to delete a prototype

Write the word ‘DELETE’ to confirm the operation.

This operation will delete the prototype and all its sharing information (revisions, invited users, history, etc.). Once deleted, none of the users who were working on this prototype will be able to commit any more changes and their prototypes will turn into non-shared prototypes so they can still keep working on them.

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