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How to work offline with Shared Prototypes

You can work offline on your Shared prototypes, if for any reason you have no Internet connection.

However, you will not be able to commit, update or lock new elements. You will only be able to work with your currently locked elements. Hence, it is very important that you lock the elements you are going to work with before starting your work offline.

Open offline

When opening a Shared prototype your connection to the servers will be checked. If Justinmind cannot establish a connection, a dialog will pop up asking the user what to do:

Work offline on prototypes

Click ‘Work offline’ if you want to open a local stored copy and continue with your work. A new dialog will show all the local stored copies of the Shared prototypes you were working on. Select the desired prototype and click ‘OK’.

Manage your offline prototypes

Save the changes

As described before, when working offline with a Shared prototype, changes cannot be ‘committed’ until your connection is restored. However, you can still use the ‘Save’ operation to save all the changes locally, and commit them once the connection is restored.

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