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How to add and remove users from Shared Prototypes

Add or remove users from your Shared prototypes and collaborate with your team.

Add/Remove users

This operation will let you invite or uninvite people from editing the current shared prototype. This operation will only be available for the prototype’s owner or the owner of the associated account.

To grant or revoke editing permission to users, follow these steps:

  1. Select the option ‘Add/Remove users’ from Teamwork menu. (You can also get to this point after executing ‘Share prototype’).
  2. A list of all the users who can edit the current prototype will be displayed in a dialog (1).
  3. Click on the ‘Add’ button (2) or ‘Remove’ button (3) to grant or revoke permission to the users.Add/Remove users in Shared prototypes

Add user

To grant edit permissions to a user who is not in the users list yet, click on the ‘Add’ button. A new dialog will pop up showing a list of all the users you have in the account (1) where the prototype is stored. Select the users you want to invite and click ‘Ok’.Add users in shared prototypes

If you want to add a user who is not in this list, select the option ‘New User’ and fill in all the required information before clicking the ‘Ok’ button. The new user will receive the activation and invitation email at the address specified here.Add users in shared prototypes

The new users will be added to the users’ list.

Click on ‘Ok’ to close the dialog and grant access to the users in the list. New users will be informed through an invitation email about their new privileges.

Remove user

In order to remove a user from the list and hence revoke all their permissions to open or edit the prototype, just select it and click on ‘Delete’ button. Delete as many users as you wish and click on ‘Ok’ to finally execute the operation.

Removing a user from this list will lead to the loss of all their local changes (if any) related to the current prototype.

 Show History

To show the history of all the changes made to a shared prototype, go to ‘Teamwork’ menu and select ‘Show history’. A dialog will pop up displaying a list of all the commits (revisions) downloaded and applied to the currently opened shared prototype. A specific revision painted in orange will indicate the revision you are currently working on:
Show the history of all the changes on a shared prototype,

New prototype from revision

Revisions of a shared prototype can be retrieved as new and independent prototypes (not shared). Hence, you can get a new prototype in the very same state it was at the moment of a specific commit.

In order to create a new prototype out of a revision, go to ‘Teamwork’ menu and select ‘Show history’. In the dialog, select the desired revision and click on ‘New prototype from revision’. The current prototype will close and the new prototype with the revision content will open automatically.

Notice that the newly created prototype will not be a shared prototype, therefore it won’t keep any history.

Save a copy

When working on a shared prototype, the ‘Save as’ operation will be disabled. However, you can save a copy of the currently opened prototype going to ‘File’ menu and clicking on ‘Save a copy’. The operation will work as a ‘Save as’ but it will not open the newly saved copy. The created copy will be a non-shared prototype.

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