Website prototype tool

Website prototypes you can validate and test

Prototype better. Test early on

Enjoy a full set of web interactions

Your website prototype can make full use of interactions – push your user experience to where you want it to be. Improve usability and work on the conversion rates of your website. With Justinmind’s tool, design validation is easy.

Transitions website prototyping

Add transitions with a fading, flipping, popping or flowing effect for a unique navigational experience.

Effects in website prototypes

Create bouncing, highlighting, shaking, folding, dropping or sliding effects for any event inside your prototype.

Conditions in website prototyping

Add conditions to interactions in your prototype that dictate behavior and navigation.

2000+ UI components for website prototyping

Check out our specific libraries like Basic Web, Zurb, Bootstrap or Kendo components. Download any of our UI kits for free! Alternatively, bring in your own components into the prototyping tool.

Website prototype ui kit
Web UI kit

Everything you could possibly need to build your website prototype from the ground up.

Bootstrap prototypes

Enjoy components from the most popular open source framework for website and web apps.

Zurb web app prototypes

An advanced and responsive front-end framework for mobile-friendly websites.

Kendo web app prototypes

Have a prototype that makes use of both HTML5 and Javascript, without wasting a second looking for components.

Salesforce prototypes

Make Salesforce UI design lightning fast with completely responsive elements.

Sap fiori website prototypes
SAP Fiori

All the components and structures you need for a great Fiori prototype.

One prototype for desktop and mobile

Justinmind ensures your creations are adaptable to any device. Prepare for screen dimensions and different devices – test and validate everything!

Liquid layouts

Design prototypes that are ready for any screen and orientation with ease

Auto-resize UI components

Simply choose the components and rest assured they will adapt and look exactly like they should

Advanced pinning

Fix UI components in any part of the screen to create parallex effect or floating buttons

Visual design in website prototypes

Visual design

Give your users an experience they won’t forget with sophisticated details or clear minimalist lines – design the website your users dream of.

Advanced design features

Change transparency, size and orientation, add shadows or borders to visual elements

Import from Photoshop and Illustrator

Import layers or images into your web prototype without any fuss for a potent UI design

Import from Sketch

Import your design into Justinmind and add interactions for an efficient design process

Forms and data

Your prototype design can include functional form components, with basic built-in interactions to save time. Build on them as you go, adding validation and advanced interactivity for the most realistic prototype ever.


Use variables to design the conditional user flows of your website prototype. Determine what should happen, in response to what action and when. Allow users to validate a complete experience.

Conditional navigation

Establish rules for navigation based on who users are or what they do for specific navigation flows.

Conditional content

Determine what users will see in different situations around your website based on variables.

Speed up website prototyping

Our features aim to help communication, teamwork, consistency and upholding of standards. All that, with total creative freedom to design the website you dream of.

Create ui kits for website prototypes
Create your own UI kits

Use your component libraries and align your design process with the UI elements of your development framework.

Templates and masters for web prototypes
Templates and masters

Share content across screens, like navigation menus or footers – make global changes and save time.

Share and get feedback
Share and get feedback

Get your website prototype to stakeholders in a click. Test it easily, and use the feedback to elevate the design.

Jira and TFS integrations
Jira and TFS integrations

Your prototyping can blend seamlessly with your agile workflow on JIRA and TFS, linking tasks to specific pages or components.

Export web prototypes into HTML and docs
Export to HTML & docs

Your website prototype can be exported into interactive HTML, along with a complete list of specifications.

Design handoff for web prototypes
Design handoff for developers

With a simple inspection, developers can obtain everything from accurate CSS, exact distances and measurements or assets.

Inspiring website prototype examples

These awesome examples include some of the classic traits that make Justinmind so helpful to designers – from complete interactions to ready-to-use forms, and everything in between.

website prototype examples