Manage your UI and functional requirements

Requirements management tool

Manage requirements along the design process

Requirements management features

Locate the corresponding elements from a requirement, customize and manage your requirements to suit your needs – all the while having a full record of all changes made to the project. Total freedom with total control for a truly agile workflow.

Agile requirements management

Hand-off for developers

Justinmind facilitates the communication workflow of the UI requirements between designers and developers. Developers can copy CSS style , get assets, and view sizes, distances and colors.

developer handoff of ui requirements management
Visual traceability in requirements management
Visual traceability

Trace requirements by associating them with specific UI elements in your prototypes.

Full version history of requirements
Version history

Import and create requirements. Track a version history of all their changes throughout the project.

Customize requirements
Customize requirements

Create new fields in your requirements to match your needs. Speed up your Agile UX workflow.

Agile tools integration

Couple powerful requirements management with your favorite Agile design tool. Say goodbye to long and inefficient design processes – this is a time for smooth and fruitful UX design.

Requirements management integration with agile tools
JIRA and Justinmind - Agile UX
Atlassian JIRA

A classic Agile workflow. Integrate your requirements in JIRA and have a precise map of your UI design.

Microsoft Azure DevOps and Justinmind - Agile UX
Microsoft Azure DevOps

Product management made easy, get your requirements to Azure DevOps Boards in a few clicks.

Generate UI and functional requirements document

Generate requirement documents in a click

Forget the tedious writing of documentation. Refine your requirements as the project advances, use them along with your UI design to generate all your documentation automatically. You can even create your own documentation templates!