Where to get free app icons: top 65 sites

June 17, 2024
Free app icons to download - for both Android and iOS

Confused about where to find the best free app icons for your next design? Fear not! Here’s our unabridged list of the top 65 sites to find free app icons.

Finding the right icons that do the job and that provide your users with a fun, yet intuitive experience is easier said than done with the sheer abundance of choice out there these days.

Further compounding that issue is the fact that many icons are also available for free. Adding to that confusion is the issue of finding the right format. Some are available as SVGs, PNGs and PSD files, and some in just one file format.

Free UI Design tool for mobile apps

That’s why we’ve rounded up 65 of the best free app icons kits to make your search for the perfect icons as brief and as easy as possible. Read on to find the perfect free app icons for your next high-fidelity prototype.


If you’re an avid Justinmind user and are looking for the perfect set of free app icons for Android or iOS app prototypes, we’d recommend heading over to our UI kits page.

Free app icons to download - Justinmind icon UI kits iOS and Android

Using one of our free app icons kits is a sure-fire way to a stress-free prototyping experience as our icons kits already come pre-installed in Justinmind.

Among the UI kits available, you can find an Android Icons UI kit that’s full to the brim with icons which always reflect the latest Material Design trends. You’ll also see an iOS Icons UI kit that’ll ensure you’re using icons that are in line with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

If you’d like to learn more about what you can do with Justinmind’s Icon kits, check out our UI Libraries for prototyping to get an in-depth explanation of each of the kits we offer.

By using the kits available to you on the UI kits page of Justinmind, you’ll ensure that you’re using icons that follow the universal language of both Android and iOS – icons that your users will easily recognize.


At Icons8 you can download hundreds of free app icons to suit all purposes for iOS and Android apps, as well as for Windows 10.

Free app icons to download - Icons8

For iOS, you can download glyphs in addition to filled and unfilled icons. For Android, you can download Material UI Design icons that are either filled, outlined, rounded or that have sharp edges. Icons for both platforms can come in color or in grayscale.

On this site, you download each of the free app icons separately, rather than as part of a pack. You can easily search the icons you need by categories and current trends.

Downloadable format: PNG


Iconfinder gives you access to a whole plethora of categories where you can download free app icons.

Free app icons to download - Iconfinder

The various unique categories on offer include Logos & Brands, Business & Avatar, Fantasy and Role-playing, Space Flat – Galaxy, as well as Basic User Interface icons and Social Media.

You can download these cool app icons separately by clicking on them and choosing to download them in SVG, AI or PNG.

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG and AI


Nuceloapp gives you access to a test pack of over 60 free app icons. The packs available include a set of outline, glyph, color and mini icons.

Free app icons to download - Nucleoapp

Each cool app icon on this site is minimalist but classy in design and can fit a multitude of different scenarios. You can use them for scenarios like phone settings and utility functions, for ecommerce apps, education, communication and many more.

You can download the free app icons test pack as fully scalable SVGs.

Downloadable format: SVG


Iconarchive gives you access to over a hundred pages of colored and outline app icons to download individually.

Free app icons to download - Iconarchive

Most of the free app icons are cartoonish but you can find some slightly more serious or neutral designs too. Overall though, we’d suggest this site if you want to download cool app icons to design a fun, lighthearted app for gaming or socializing.

Downloadable format: PNG


In very similar fashion to Iconarchive above, Findicons.com provides you with several pages of quirky, fun and free app icons to download individually as you need.

Free app icons to download - Findicons

You can apply a filter to search for your icons on this site according to color, 3D, crystal and hand-drawn, in addition to whether or not they’re licensed for reuse. For each of the free app icons you can also set the background: you can choose from transparent, black, gray and white.

Downloadable format: PNG, ICO, ICNS

Sketch App Sources

Sketch App gives you a wide selection of free app icons to download for Sketch and is definitely the place to come to if you’re designing a niche app. It’s also a fantastic place to find icons for more generic purposes.

Free app icons to download - Sketch App Sources

You can download these free app icons in a wide variety of packs such as line and bold line icons, social media, furniture, Google Photo Illustrations and even Pokémon type icons! The different packs can be browsed by categories and tags.

Downloadable format: Sketch files

Material Design

The Material Design website itself is obviously your one-stop shop if you’re designing an app for Android and have that one feature that you’re not sure how to represent.

Free app icons to download - Material Design

You can search for the free app icons you need. For example, type “settings” and the site will bring you up a list of settings app icons. Among the styles you can choose from are Filled, Outlined, Rounded, Two-Tone and Sharp contrast. You can download each of these free app icons individually in SVG or PNG format.

Downloadable format: SVG or PNG

Free UI Design tool for mobile apps


Dribbble, a website that any designer worth their salt will have heard of, features many great packs of free app icons to use for both personal and commercial use.

Free app icons to download - Dribbble

Most of the app icons sets have been created by other designers who share their work for free and you can download them as single PSD files, then manipulate each cool app icon separately in Photoshop.

Among the free app icon packs we recommend downloading are Enes Dal’s Geoph, Travis Avery’s 340 Freebies Touch Icon Set and Simple Line Icons by Mirko Monti.

Downloadable format: PSD


Ionicicons provides you with professionally designed Material Design and iOS style free app icons to download for pretty much any kind of scenario imaginable.

Free app icons to download - Ionicicons

The Ionic Framework team made each icon on this website open source and downloadable individually as scalable SVG app icons for your designs.

All the free app icons are available in grayscale and include everything from sports, DIY, travel, social media, ecommerce and even brand logos.

Downloadable format: SVG


Roundicons offers you free vector icon packs that are available both for commercial and personal reuse, although they do require attribution.

Free app icons to download - Roundicons

Each icons pack comprises over a hundred icons taken from each of their premium packs. You’ll find a very large variety of free app icons – everything from business icon packs, minimal icons, solid lines, duotones and even a Game of Thrones pack!

Downloadable format: PNG and SVG

Freebies Bug

If you’re looking for simple, flat and minimalistic designs, Freebies Bug has two great free app icons packs readily available to download that we recommend: Amenities, by Dot on Paper and 80 stroke icons by Petras Nargela.

Free app icons to download - Freebiesbug

The icons in Amenities are, as the name suggests, to display services and facilities. They consist of simple filled and unfilled line icons and cover every scenario from disabled access to swimming and ironing.

80 stroke icons contains both large and mini stroke icons to represent the various functions and settings of a mobile device, such as location settings, email, browsing, downloading and saving, sharing and many more.

Downloadable format: PSD and SVG


Tympanus has a great free giveaway in the form of the Helium icon pack.

Free app icons to download - Tympanus

They called this free app icons pack Helium due to the way the finely shaded lines provide a glossy effect reminiscent to hot air balloons.

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose set of free app icons that are nicely designed, yet minimal and easy on the eyes, this is the perfect place to come to!

Downloadable format: SVG


Themify are offering up a pack of free app icons that consists of over 320 hand-drawn app icons for your designs.

Free app icons to download - Themify

Each and every app icon in the kit it is free for personal and commercial use.

The icons are minimalist, 2 dimensional and grayscale, leaving you lots of legroom to edit them as you choose or you can just leave them as they are. Check out Themify’s icons if you need anything for the following categories: arrows and directions, control icons, text editor, layout and brand logos.

Downloadable format: SVG

Squid Ink

On Squid Ink you can find a beautifully crafted selection of free app icons, ranging from detailed to simplistic, two dimensional icons that you can use for your mobile app wireframes. They designed each of their icons using vector shapes.

Free app icons to download - Squid Ink

Each icon from their free kit is pixel perfect and can be re-colored, re-sized and customized any way you want. Among the categories available are food and drinks, media, editing, social, utility and many more.

You can download a kit of 50 cool app icons for free, but have the option of making a donation of any sum you choose before downloading.

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG, PSD, EPS and AI

Smashing Magazine

Almost any designer will have heard of Smashing Magazine at some point and with good reason.

Free app icons to download - Smashing Magazine

It’s a great resource for everything from mobile to web design and now they’re providing free app icons packs – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Among the available app icon kits to download are Swifticons. Swifticons contains an extensive range of icon categories that are designed with a 60px grid for extra crispness.

Another cool app icons pack is Summer and Essentials. It comprises only quality, hand crafted flat icons with a complementary color scheme.

Downloadable format: PNG/SVG/EPS/PDF

Elegant Themes

If you’re looking for a clean set of pixel perfect line app icons to download completely free, look no further than Elegant Themes!

Free app icons to download - Elegant Themes

Elegant Theme’s latest pack – 100 Free Line-Style Icons does exactly what it says on the tin – superbly-drawn, minimalist line icons for almost every situation.

Each free app icon is easily modifiable and available to download as a pack of PNG assets with two different pixel sizes, one being optimized for retina display or as SVGs.

Downloadable format: SVG and PNG

Free UI Design tool for mobile apps


If you happen to be in the market for a free downloadable set of pencil-thin stroke icons, Pixeden’s Stroke 7 icon pack is your best bet.

Free app icons to download - Pixeden

Each of the 202 free app icons in this kit come as fully scalable vectors and were inspired by the iOS7 system. With a minimalist design and easily resized and modifiable, this kit should be able to see your app design through nearly every scenario.

Downloadable format: SVG


If you’re looking for a wide range of free app icons for any kind of situation in your user flow, why not try IcoMoon?

Free app icons to download - IcoMoon

Their free downloadable icon pack contains up to 490 handcrafted icons with a 16 pixel grid.

The great thing about IcoMoon’s free downloadable icon pack is that, apart from being easily modifiable, they are also optimized for use as Icon Fonts. You can also download the pack as high retina PNG files.

Downloadable format: SVG, PDF, EPS, Ai, PSD


If you’re looking for bold and simple icon designs, Iconmonstr is perfect. It enjoys a library of over hundreds of flat or solid free app icons that has new editions each month!

Free app icons to download - Iconmonstr

You’ll certainly have plenty of options for whatever scenario you need.

We recommend using these sorts of icons if you’re looking to design a fun app that will be used for gaming or socializing. Each exuberant icon can be downloaded individually and is on display in the library in two versions: Bold fill, heavyweight and lightweight.

Downloadable format: PSD, SVG, EPS and PNG


If you’re planning on designing a serious app for use in services such as banking, maps, email, as well as creative apps for cooking or social media, we recommend heading on over to Aegeank and downloading their free Sketch Active app icon pack.

Free app icons to download - Aegeank

Why? Because you get up to 360 icons, both in solid and outline versions (we say 720’s not bad). They are flat, lassy and minimalist in design. The pack can be downloaded as transparent PNG with a 60pixel grid, as well Sketch, AI and EPS.

Downloadable format: Sketch, PNG, AI and EPS

Open Iconic

Just like Aegeank above, Open Iconic is a great place to go if you’re looking for free app icons that can be used in more serious or neutral app designs.

Free app icons to download - Open Iconic

There are 223 cool app icons to choose from and each one is highly modifiable, providing a great foundation to adapt them to your own brand style and theme.

Open Iconic prize their icons on being “hyper legible”, meaning they can be seen down as far as 8 pixels. If you’re looking for small fonts, then this is definitely the place to come, with Open Iconic being up to 4x smaller than Font Awesome!

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG


If you’re looking for free app icons to download that have a sleek, artistic design, look no further than iconSweet’s extensive pack of over a thousand simple but attractive icons.

Free app icons to download - IconSweets

The free app icons in this pack all have a playful, yet crisp style, even at smaller scales. All icons in this stylish kit come with round outer borders that provide a nice contrast with straight edges.

If simple, minimalist, sleek and arty is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. The pack is downloadable in vectorized PSD files, with one file per set. You can individually manipulate each icon within Photoshop.

Downloadable format: PSD


Heading over to Glyphish, you’ll find that they offer a sample pack of 50 free app icons to download in the form of scalable vectors.

Free app icons to download - Glyphish

If you’re looking for a kit for iOS that contains every functional or utility icon you can think of, then we’d definitely recommend you try this free pack of easily modifiable, cool app icons.

Downloadable format: PNG, SVG


Flaticon is one of the largest databases out there when it comes to downloadable free app icons. The website holds icons from all walks of life, from IT and marketing to leisure and travel. Many icon packs come with different color fonts, giving you the option of choosing one that requires minimum customization.

flaticon as place for free app icons

Downloadable format: PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64


Unlike some of the more specialized websites on this list, Freepik holds much more than just free icons. Designers can find everything from large stock photos to all sorts of icons. One factor to take into account is that Freepik doesn’t give the option of downloading entire icon packs at once. This means that for large projects, where a wide variety of icons is needed, other platforms on this post may be a better choice.

freepik as place for free resources

Downloadable format: SVG, EPS, PNG and PSD


Dryicons isn’t as widely popular as Flaticon when it comes to offering free app icons for download. However, we still think it’s a worthy mention. The website has thousands of icons that can be downloaded by the pack or individually, sometimes with entire collections that follow the same theme. Can be a very interesting resource for design teams.

free design database for icons

Downloadable format: SVG


Iconshock has quite the inventory of free icons that designers can download for professional use. Offering icons in both classic and creative styles, the website has something for everybody. One interesting detail, though, is that icons can only be downloaded for free in PNG format. Only premium users may download icons in SVG form.

design blog with free icons

Downloadable format: PNG

Free UI Design tool for mobile apps

Streamline Icons

Streamline Icons is a great place for free app icons, even if it doesn’t offer such large quantities of possible icons and themes like some others on this list. The website offers very thoughtful icon packs that come in different weights and can be customized as you see fit. You need to create an account to be able to download any icon.

sgtreamline as design blog for free icons

Downloadable format: PNG, SVG and PDF

Good stuff no nonsense

This platform is great for designers looking for hand-drawn app icons that add personality and flair to their work. Good stuff no nonsense has several icon pack bundles that cover different themes, including some completely free ones. It’s not suitable for every project, but it can definitely be a great resource to have in your toolbox.

good stuff no nonsense as a plce for free app icons

Downloadable format: AI, EPS, PDF, SVG

Tilda Publishing

Tilda Publishing offers 47 different icon packs on its website. There’s a predominantly minimal style, making for a sleek and modern feel. The packs are divided by themes, ranging from events, music, fitness and everything in between. It may not be as large an inventory as Flaticons but it’s certainly worth checking out!

tilda publishing as a place for free icons

Downloadable format: SVG


Another website that offers all sorts of resources, not just icons. Designbeep has an entire section dedicated to freebies on its website, covering everything from icons to full-blown website templates.

designbeep as a blog for free app icons

It can be a bit difficult to search and find specific icon packs, making this an ill-suited choice for design teams that need to go through a lot of icons quickly. On the other hand, it can be a fun place to explore new horizons and find great hidden gems.

Downloadable format: SVG and PNG


GraphicBurger offers an entire website worth of free resources for designers. You can find things like free fonts, templates, UI kits and…. You guessed it! Free icon packs.

graphicburger as a place for free design resources

The interesting thing about GraphicBurger is that it gathers a lot of icon packs published by other platforms, listing them all nicely for you along with their own designs. It has everything from colorful and bright icons to more monochrome and flat designs.

Downloadable format: AI, PNG, SVG


The NounProject sets out to be a one-stop shop for icons and stock images for design teams. We love that the platform offers free app icons that approach different themes and showcase different styles – making for a complete and eclectic collection of designs.

free app icons database for designers

Downloadable format: PNG, SVG and PDF


Oxygenna is all about creating a great user experience for WordPress websites and apps. On their website, we can find an entire section dedicated to free resources for graphic design – including many free icons! The available selection isn’t as wide as Flaticon, but it has plenty of unique and colorful designs that are worth checking out.

oxygenna for free design resources

Downloadable format: PNG, SVG and AI

Endless icons

Endless Icons offers a long list of icons that approach many different themes, maintaining the same style overall. The files can be downloaded without creating an account and the website has a handy search bar that helps designers cut back on searching time spent. Designers can also find entire app icon packs organized by theme, or simply go for individual icons.

endless icons as free resources for apps

Downloadable format: PNG and SVG


Fontello is slightly different from the other places on this list. Whereas other platforms have icons that often add a lot of creativity into the mix, Fontello offers a more sober and simplistic approach. It’s true that this means Fontello’s app icons aren’t suitable for all projects – but there’s always a use for simple things. Worth checking it out!

fontello as place for free icons and fonts

Downloadable format: SVG

Free UI Design tool for mobile apps


Dreamstale offers some app icons for free that don’t require a premium membership on their page. The available options keep the visuals simple, often offering two or three versions of the same icon in varying styles. There may not be as much variety as some other places on this list, but their app icons are wonderful and have earned them a spot on this post!

dreamstale as place for free icons and templates

Downloadable format: SVG


Icojam is another example of a graphic design blog that has an entire category dedicated to free app icons. The available packs tend to be bright and colorful and usually don’t offer different styles of the same icon. It’s a rather limited inventory to choose from, with only a few packs being available for free. But who knows? Maybe the right icon pack is just waiting for you right here.

iconjam's blog as place for free icon packs

Downloadable format: AI, EPS, SVG and PNG


Last but certainly not least, we have Vecteezy. The platform works as a source for designers when it comes to vector images, stock photos and icons. The inventory is quite impressive, with thousands of icon packs available – as well as a handy search bar to cut back on time. The styles found here vary a lot, with designers constantly uploading their own icon packs to the database.

database fpr free icons and stock images for designers

Captain Icon

Brought to us by Mario, Captain Icon offers a set of 350 icons that can be downloaded and used for free. Suitable for both personal and commercial designs, all you need to do is include attribution to Mario in order to use the assets in any way you see fit. The icons are easily adaptable and work as a very practical resource.

Downloadable format: EPS, PSD, PNG, SVG

captain icons for free assets

Pixels Market

Made to work as a portfolio, Pixels Market offers a few free icon sets that anyone can download and enjoy. The Free Multimedia Icons pack comes with 50 icons, in several formats including SVG and Sketch. You can adapt the visuals of the icons in any design tool, but the pack itself also brings 3 style options: color, monochrome, and stroke.

Downloadable format: AI, EPS, PNG, Sketch, and SVG

pixels market as place for free icons

All Free Download

All Free Download is another place for free app icons that enjoys a huge database. The website offers nothing less than 15.000 files with the “icon” tag, all of which can be downloaded for free. Closely connected to Shutterstock, this website has new icons uploaded every day. Be advised, however, that the UI design isn’t all that easy on the eyes. This makes it tough if you’re going to spend a lot of time looking for the right icon pack.

Downloadable format: PNG

all free download as place to find icons for apps


Entypo brings us a single app icon pack of 411 icons. They come in modern style with clean lines, covering a wide range of topics from social media to music controls. It’s true that the last few icons were added in 2015, which makes it unlikely that the pack will be expanded further.

Downloadable format: SVG

entypo as place for free icon packs


We’re all used to seeing Behance as a wonderful social media where designers can showcase their skills and connect to other people in the community. The fact is, however, that Behance can also be a great place to find free app icons to download. Designers and studios constantly upload them on Behance, using them as a way to display their work. It’s definitely worth a search!

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG

behance as place to find free icons

Deviant Art

Deviant Art is an online community that doubles as an online art gallery. Fortunately, this website also includes a lot of free app icon packs that can be easily downloaded and used. Be advised: there is everything on this website. That means that the icon packs don’t necessarily go through any selection based on quality, which results in a lot of icons that are unsuitable for commercial work.

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG

deviant art as place for free icons and assets

Free UI Design tool for mobile apps

Free Goodies For Designers

As the name suggests, Free Goodies For Designers is a place where creatives can find free treasure. The website has an entire category dedicated to free app icons, where pack themes range from Christmas to healthcare. This is a great place to go hunting for some free fonts as well!

Downloadable format: SVG, PSD

free goodies for designers as place to find icons

Graphics Fuel

This website is a wonderful place to find free app icons. Graphics Fuel offers plenty of free icon packs, which cover an extensive list of themes and topics. Be it fashion, science, cyber currencies, social media, or marketing – this website has it. There’s a certain level of quality to the icons too, which makes it more likely that you’ll find a good option for your next project.

Downloadable format: AI, EPS, JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG

graphics fuel as place for free app icons


Fribly is a place where designers can upload some of their work and have others use it in their projects. The website is filled with free content, from packaging design to illustrations. There’s so much stuff, in fact, it can be a bit difficult to find icon packs – we recommend you simply search the website for “icons”. With that said, there’s plenty of free app icon packs just waiting for you to download them!

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG

fribly as place for free app icons

Creative Tail

Located within Dribbble, Creative Tail brings us plenty of options when it comes to free assets. Mostly, we find cutout images and app icon packs. It’s true that in terms of sheer quantity, this page doesn’t compare to some of the giants on this list. We find, however, that their icon packs are truly practical and bring a certain quality that is definitely worth checking out.

Downloadable format: AI, EPS

creative tail as source of free icons and images


Lucide is a fantastic collection of free app icons. With more than 1,400 icons in over 40 categories, its open-source designs are clean and simple, just perfect for any project. They’re easy to customize, so you can make them fit  just right. 

Lucide App Icons

Whether for big screens or small, Lucide icons keep everything looking sharp and clear. 

Downloadable format: SVG

Tabler Icons

If you’re looking for tons of free icons to download, Tabler Icons might be your choice. With over 4,900 versatile icons, you’ll find something for any project. They’re simple and flexible, making them easy to customize to fit your needs.

Customization interface for Tabler Icons

Whether you’re designing for big screens or small ones, icons from Tabler will keep everything looking clear and crisp.

Downloadable format: SVG

Flowbite Icons

Ever needed a neat set of icons? Flowbite Icons might be just what you’re looking for. With 487 free and open-source icons available in solid and outline styles, they’re great for various projects on both iOS and Android.

Flowbite Icons customization interface, showing icon size and stroke width controls, with a selection of free SVG icons

You can easily tweak them to fit your needs, and they work perfectly with Flowbite’s libraries. Flowbite Icons make sure your designs look sharp and professional.

Downloadable format: SVG .

Free UI Design tool for mobile apps

Eva Icons

If you want a clean and modern look for your app, Eva Icons are worth a look. With 480 free, open-source icons in both outlined and filled styles, they work great for iOS and Android projects.

Eva Icons interface with options to search, animate, and style over 480 free icons

They’re easy to customize and come with libraries for Figma and Sketch, making your design process smoother. Whether for large screens or small, Eva Icons keep your visuals sharp and professional.

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG .

Atlas Icons

Atlas Icons is a great choice if you are looking for easy to customize app free icons. With more than 2,000 options in three different styles, work well with tools like React, Vue, and Flutter.

Atlas Icons interface showing search, size, stroke, and color options, with 22 achievement icons displayed

Perfect for any project, Atlas Icons will keep your designs looking neat and professional.

Downloadable format: SVG


If you need a lot of icons, Iconoir is a great option. They have over 1,500 free app icons you can use for anything. These icons are modern and work great for websites and apps. You can easily customize them too. 

Downloadable format: SVG

Iconoir Icons page showcasing a free library with over 1,583 open-source icons in formats like SVG and Font


Iconscout is a fantastic choice due to its over 2 million free app icons available. There’s something for every project and you can get them in a variety of formats

IconScout showing the Future Technology Icon Pack with 50 free icons, available in SVG, PNG, and more formats

Easy to customize with its online editor, it is ideal for apps, websites, or any digital design.

Downloadable format: PNG, SVG, PDF


Iconduck is a great choice for free app icons as it offers a wide variety suitable for all kinds of projects. Whether you need icons for personal use or commercial work, you’ll find plenty of options here. The icons are organized into different categories, making it easy to find what you need.

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG

Iconduck interface with free icons and illustrations


FreeIcons is a treasure trove of free icon sets covering many themes like multimedia, business, and social media. The site provides an easy way to download and use icons that are perfect for enhancing your projects.

Premium icon packs on Freeicons.io

The icons are clear, modern, and easy to integrate into your designs.

Downloadable format: PNG, SVG

Canva Icons

Dive into Canva free Icons for a wide range of stylish and customizable icons. Perfect for any project, these icons are easy to use and add a professional touch to your designs.

Canva interface displaying a selection of iOS icon templates with options to filter by style, theme, price, and color

Whether you’re working on presentations, social media, or web design, Canva has you covered.

Downloadable format: PNG, SVG

AppIcons iOS

AppIcons iOS offers a seamless way to create and customize your app icons. Choose from a variety of designs, tweak them to match your brand, and get your icons ready for iOS in no time. 

You can choose from a variety of packages, including seasonal themes, to give your app a unique look.

App Icons for iOS showcasing a botanical theme with 230 unique icons displayed on three smartphones

Perfect for developers and designers, this tool makes it easy to get your icons ready for iOS.

Downloadable format: Various formats available AppIcons iOS.

Widget Club Iconsets

If you’re looking for some unique and trendy icons for your widgets, Widget Club Iconsets is a great place to start. They have a huge library of icons that can fit any style you’re going for.

WidgetClub app showing different ways to customize your phone's home screen with cool themes, icons, and widgets

Whether you want something modern, playful, or professional, you’ll find icons that make your projects look awesome. Plus, the site is super easy to navigate, so you can find the perfect icons in no time.

Downloadable format: PNG, SVG


If you’re after clean, versatile line icons, Dripicons is the place to go. These beautiful, bold icons cover everything from tech to education, making them perfect for any project. They’re easy to use and look great on any interface.

Downloadable format: Various formats available Dripicons.

Dripicons page showing a set of 84 icons related to media and navigation

Radix Icons

Radix Icons offers a set of 333 clean, modern icons ideal for small sizes at 15x15px. Open-sourced under the MIT License, they’re perfect for both personal and commercial use. Easily downloadable and usable directly in projects via npm, these icons add a polished touch to any design.

Downloadable format: SVG

Radix Icons interface showcasing a set of 15x15 icons

Feather Icons

Our last choice is a collection of simple, elegant, and open-source icons. Feather Icons are designed to be easily customizable, allowing you to change their size, color, and stroke width to fit your design needs.

Feather Icons interface with search and customization options

They are perfect for both web and mobile applications, providing a clean and minimalistic look.

Downloadable format: SVG

The wrap up

The free app icons that you choose for your next design will depend on a few different factors. Here are some points to consider:

  • What type of app will you be designing?
  • Will the tone be fun and lighthearted, or serious and deliberate?
  • Which prototyping tool will you be using and what file format do you need?
  • What’s the general resolution that you’ll be designing for?
  • Is your intended audience likely to appreciate your choice of iconography?

Whichever avenue you go down, we hope this list was helpful and that you find the perfect free app icons for your designs.

Joseph Downs
In-house UX copy-slinger, foodie and classic motoring enthusiast