Prototype examples

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Home banking web prototype

Home banking site

High-fidelity web prototype that reacts to user input and real data

Flight booking mobile app design

Flight booking app

Native iOS app prototype with a date-picker and interactive dialogs

Complete responsive site prototype

Complete responsive web

High-fidelity web prototype automatically resizes content to match sceen size

Product transitions app prototype

Product transitions app

Mobile app prototype that lets you flick through product cards

Travel experiences app prototype

Travel experiences app

High-fidelity web prototype that reacts to user input and real data

Messaging mobile app hi-fi wireframe

Messaging app

Interactive Android app prototype that uses real-world user input and Variables

Web form event registration screen

Web form event registration

An interactive web form, with progress bar and conditions

Ecommerce app prototype on tablet

Store app

Ecommerce app for iOS tablet with interactive shopping cart

Responsive web design example

Responsive web

Complete responsive web prototype that auto-adjusts to tablet and mobile

Prototype example - Apple Watch with Siri, Workout and Activity apps

Apple Watch

Interactive Apple watch prototype with Siri, workout and activity screens

Bookshelf app prototype example

Bookshelf app

A reading app prototype with interactive carousel and flexible navigation

Prototype example - web finance dashboard

Personal finance dashboard

Interactive personal finance web app with charts for finance metrics

Price slider interaction

Price slider

Airbnb-style price slider with interactive elements and adjustable pricing

Photo sharing app design

Photo sharing app

Native iOS app prototype with interactive login form and image editor feature

Product walkthrough high fidelity prototype

Product walkthrough

Walkthrough for an iOS app prototype using Dynamic Panels and On Swipe events

Web form sign up hi-fi wireframe

Web form sign up

Sign up form prototype with personality and interactivity

Slide flow validation app design

Slide flow validation

Mobile app prototype with multi-step form using Variables and screen flow validation

iOS passcode screen prototype

iOS passcode screen

Simple mobile app password screen with interactive login form

Text messaging app prototype

Text messaging apps

Interactive messaging app for iOS with input fields and user data

Confirmation pop-up on a mobile app design

Confirmation pop-up

Mobile app confirmation message with On Tap Show and Hide events

Slide menu interaction

Slide menu

Slide menu for both Android and iOS mobile app prototypes

Before and after photo editing interaction

Before and after

Before and after image slider using Variables and Dynamic Panels

Zoom and pan mobile interaction

Zoom and pan

Simulate zoom and pan effects with a simple drag and drop

Advanced slideshow carousel interaction

Advanced slideshow

Advanced slideshow for web and mobile using Dynamic Panels

Manual countdown app design

Manual countdown

Interactive countdown clock that reacts to user data with Variables and Conditions

Ecommerce app carousel interaction


Advanced carousel for interactive web prototypes with Conditions