"Our team uses Justinmind to share ideas, collaborate, test assumptions, and prototype multiple design concepts for our web and mobile applications"

Randi Boyd
Product Owner, Falcon Physician Mobile

Software Prototyping with Data-driven Content, Teamwork and Requirements Management

Show interactions through an application prototype
Add forms and datagrids to prototypes

App Prototyping Software to Simulate Forms and Data Tables

Build smart forms and data grids that you can test instantly. Enhance them with advanced behavior, add conditional navigation, and personalize the experience with your own data to ultimately validate enterprise processes.

Collaborative prototyping

Deliver a Great Collaborative Prototyping Experience

Collaborate fast and early. Invite users and customers to share ideas and participate in the creative process, and allow all team members to work on a common web or mobile wireframe simultaneously.

Requirements management

Agile and Intuitive Requirements Management

Make requirements easy to understand, easy to communicate and easy to manage, with full traceability and versioning. Use our requirements section as a stand-alone feature, or integrate it with your current requirements tool.

Usefulness that Extends Beyond Prototyping.


Enterprise web application prototype Enterprise mobile application prototype

Discover All the Features You'll Love

  • Customized Widgets

    Design your own widgets and create custom libraries to store them, share them and reuse them.

  • Sync Widgets Libraries

    Follow UI guidelines and boost productivity. Update widgets in one place to keep them in sync across all designs.

  • Generate Documents

    Export your projects to MS Word or Open Office and get a specifications document along with the visuals needed for interpretation.

  • Teamwork

    Work on common prototypes simultaneously, track changes and contribute effectively.

  • Personalized Templates and Styles

    Create and customize your templates and styles and give your prototype a consistent look and feel.

  • More

    Check out our full feature list to see everything Justinmind provides.