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Take designer-developer collaboration to the next level with Justinmind’s new release

Completed Cassandra Naji 6 years ago

New developer UI, an upgraded Sketch integration and lots more from our new release

The Justinmind team has been working hard on a brand new version of the tool: Justinmind 8.0! This new version is full of new features that will strengthen designer-developer collaboration and give you more control over your design process.

Find out more here! https://www.justinmind.com/blog/wireframe-tool-prototyper-8-0-0/

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This is a step in the right direction to share the details inside a design with developers. However, it doesn't work well in our environment. In our use case, we've purchased accounts for UX, Product Management, our senior graphics designer and our IU team. This does not include any of our 40-50 developers that work across several software products.

Our developers do work against written and mocked up requirements. We would love to have them obtain missing specifications (CSS) directly from the mockup, but buying licenses for them to gain just a few pieces of information on occasion isn't in the cards. Most of them are reviewers of the mockups so they can see what they need to build. Here is what we'd be interested in:

1. A way for a Reviewer to put a mockup in a "Developer Mode" (similar to Comment mode) where they could hover over or click an item to see the underlying CSS data.

2. Create a less expensive Developer license price for the functionality you've added to v8.0.

I love this idea!!! We are creating a Style Guide to detail everything and building components on those details. But, there will be gaps in some places that could be answered in the mockup itself.

Thanks for reading this. We love JustInMind. It saves us countless hours every week while helping us increase our velocity.

Tim Cerami



Hi Tim,

I have good news for you! In the next few weeks, we are going to be switching developer accounts to be free to make, just like reviewer accounts. So you will be able to add an unlimited amount of developers for no extra cost.





That's some really great news! I am looking forward to adding some of our developer resources into the system. Thanks for your response to my message.

Have a great day.


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