support audio?

harlan shared this question 3 years ago

Ive seen very little in regards to supporting audio content specifically being able to create an event that.. lets say on a button click an audio track is played. I understand that I can code the interaction with a built in player etc etc. To me this seem like a basic no brainier. If I'm creating a rich interaction more times than not sound (audible feedback) is part of that interaction. This should be a relatively simple addition to add to the feature set in the prototyper. Would love to know if this is to be consider. We base or prototypes on our clients needs and if one tool does not fill that need we move to the next.

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Hi there,

Unfortunately this is not a simple addition, but we're working on implementing this feature. Check out these threads to view some solutions people have come up with as a workaround:




Appreciate the information but the provided links seem to not get to a solution.

I have an html snippet that works well but I have to hard code the audio file link. Is there a way to add a file to the project and have a relative link to it? If this was possible than I could implement the audio. Otherwise I run into issues with CORS if I host it, when simulating locally.