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LeVer shared this question 5 years ago

To test a prototype on a tablet I'd like to create some auditive feedback while the user presses a button. Is there any easy way to accomplish this? It would be nice, if you could give a step-by-step explanation. (I read the comment on a similar question, but neither did the prototype version download on that matter work, nor what I tried after reading a very short explanation about using pdf widget or html widget). An answer would be of great help, thanks!

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Adding sound to a prototype in Justinmind have been always tricky cause, by default, we don't support it. But there are ways to force the HTML to play a sound file. If you like, you can send your prototype to at and we can take a look at it to see why it doesn't work in your case.



We're happy to inform you that Justinmind (version 7.9) now lets you embed .wav and .mp3 audio files in your prototypes.

This is a great new feature for adding rich, dynamic content to your interactive designs, and will give your prototypes an even more realistic edge.

Check it out for yourself here.


Sonia Durán