scrolling in comments mode not working

Philipp shared this problem 1 month ago
In Progress

first i activate the comments mode. then i click on the comment. then if there are some comments i need to scroll down. but scrolling doesn't work the most time!I tried it with Mac and Windows. I also tried the following Browsers:

- Internet Explorer Edge

- Safari

- Chrome

- Brave

Sometimes it works, most time not. with the new 8.5 it doesn't work 9 from 10 times. before it worked a bit better. I also had a Workaround before 8.5. I clicked on the Hamburgermenu twice and suddenly the scrolling worked. Please fix it. This is very annoying.


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We'll check it out and keep you posted.


Hi Philipp,

This has been fixed for prototypes uploaded to your online account. A fix for the desktop application will be released in a few weeks.