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Screens are not saving.

In Progress Tunckaany 5 years ago

I am creating 6-7 screens. When i save my project and re open it only first screen i see.

Help please!

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That's very strange! Does this keep happening? Can you list out the steps you take for this problem to occur?


I create different screens in program. For example that deneme screen disappears after i save this project./0719f38820db9588fd242f57a8cb3a32


If possible, can you attach a screen recording of this process? We have not been able to reproduce this so far.


Was there are resolution to this comment? I am a new user and had several screens in my project, I had been regularly saving, and had to restart my computer today - I open the save file and only the first screen is present! I've lost 3 days of work!

I can't send a video as it's too late, it's happened but here are the steps.

1. Create a Justinmind project, saved it to my desktop.

2. Add various screens, named different titles.

3. Worked on these all week, saving multiple times a day. Confirmation message showed each time. I was leaving justinmind open overnight.

4. Had to close justinmind, and restart my laptop today for an Miscrosoft Office issue - opened my file, only the first screen is present?

5. Tried accessing the latest saved file by the backups from before I restarted my laptop, same thing, only screen 1!


I have attached a copy of the logs from yesterday at 14:16

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