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Question marks are replacing icons in simulation mode

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

iOS8 widget Next Icons (">") are replaced with "?" character. How do you fix the question mark issue? I am seeing this problem on a lot of icons.

See image.


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I got the same problem (question marks for many symbols in simulator and html export). Even with 6.5.2.

I would be very interested in a bug fix as this is kinda annoying.



Please follow this topic: https://www.justinmind.com/community/topic/ios8-widget-icons-display-as-in-simulate-and-html-mode. At the end, the solution for this bug is explained.




Hi Lidia,Still an issue in Just in mind 7.5.0.

So I have tried the link suggested above but it does not seem to have a solution. I cannot find any JustinmindPrototyper.ini file in the folder.

I dragged icons from the Android Icon widget library to my shared prototype and they display fine.

I then run the Simulate button and on my machine the icons look fine.

Then I update the prototype to pull any changes from another user.

The icons they have used look fine in my prototype editor.

I then run the simulation and my icons look fine but the other users icons are replaced with ? placeholders.

If the other user pulls my changes then the same happens to their project (all my icons are displayed as ? in simulation or published)

Any Ideas? we have moved all our project over to JustInTime and this issue is critical for us. (we need to share the publish externally to shareholders).

Kind regards,


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