Padding on textareas is incorrect: it should be *inside* the textarea, not *outside*

Dave shared this problem 2 years ago

Creating a textarea and giving it 5px padding all around doesn't do the right thing. Instead of getting a textarea that has 5px between the textarea boundaries and the contained text, the padding is applied to a container *outside* the textarea.


The pink outline in the image (which, unfortunately, just happens to matche the background of the Problem report!) is the incorrectly-applied padding. It acts more like a margin outside the textarea than padding inside it:



The green outline in the image is correctly-applied textarea padding. I added an extra line of text because getting the padding right made it so that the textarea could contain more without scrolling:

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Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for reporting this. I will transfer this information to our development team.


Sonia Durán