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Make a Data Master list item clickable to a new page

Known Wade 6 years ago

I used this tutorial to import data and create a Data Master list/dataset.

Then I used this tutorial to create a predictive search bar in conjunction with the "Data Master list" (what do I even call that?)

Now, I want to move to a new screen if the user clicks on a result. How?

P.S. Is there a way for the names in the list to not get cut off? See how they're very short and end with "..." when there's still a lot of screen space?

Here's a video demonstrating my issue:



P.S. Screenshots would be especially helpful, as I am brand new to this powerful/intricate software. Thanks!

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I can't help you with the clickable result (I'm currently trying something similar). But for the names that are getting cutoff... just extend the field variable. Not just the field itself. That was my stumbling block! I extended the field, thinking the data would just scale to fit... but nope! You have to drag and extend whatever the dataset variables name is.


Any news on this topic? I would also like to navigate to screens in my prototype based on a field in a data master.

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