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In developer mode I can't see new comments

In Progress Lisa Forno 5 years ago

When a developer is sent the the JIM file and opens it in the mac desktop application you can see the comments.

When new comments are added through the weblink a developer has no way of seeing the new comments. There is no refresh option. This is an inaccurate representation of comments.

Either the developer should not be able to see comments at all or the refresh comments option should be added to the menu. Another option would be to have a link which takes the developer to the web prototype where they can see the up to date comments.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. We see the limitation there and I'll let our team know that refreshing comments for sent .vp files is needed.

One thing to note - comment refresh is currently available for developers for Teamwork prototypes. They can go to Teamwork -> Update all and they'll see new comments that have been added.

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