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Google drive causes Justinmind "access denied" file-saving problems?

Known Jack Bellis 6 years ago

I believe I have proven that ON MY CONFIGURATION Google Drive causes the JIM file-saving problems pretty much as described in this post: https://www.justinmind.com/community/topic/file-save-issues

I have only demonstrated "correlation." But if a few others confirm that toggling Google Drive syncing (even by merely pausing it) stops the "access denied" errors (and the magical File Disappearing Trick... [who doesn't enjoy that?]) then we can declare not just correlation but causation.

And about that File Disappearing Trick, auto-save notwithstanding, surely I'm not the only one who also saves manual versions a few times a day in an 'archive' subfolder, right... not just for JIM but any mission-critical, all-day tool?

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Dear Jack,

You are right. While synchronizing any process at Google Drive it seems that denies to modify the files. Unfortunately we can't provide you any workaround as this is something directly related with the use of Google Drive.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Sonia Durán

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