Exporting to custom docx template (screen notes)

NH shared this question 1 week ago

I would like to use the "Description" field from a Screen Page "General"-Tab to be exported in my word documentation. But I can't seem to figure out how to use the Tag <ScreenNotes/> when generating a custom docx from my project. In the example file in templates/Prototype Report.docx I can find this tag, but I am not sure to which field it corresponds in the project, or where I can find this field? Can somebody help me out here?

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It corresponds to the Screens section. Insert something like:

		<Screen od="repeat">

And remove any info from that list which you don't want in the export.

Check out this tutorial for more info.


I worked through that Tutorial anderen everything works finde except the field <ScreenNotes/>, even with the example file in the template folder. Could you tell me to which field in the jim programm it corresponds? Is it the description field of a Screen? Or am I wrong here?


Yes, it's the description of the screen.

However, when checking the export, we discovered a bug with the screen notes not appearing correctly. I've forwarded this to our team and we'll fix this ASAP.


Thank you for the quick reply!