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Does anyone actually use the HTML export feature?

Answered Emerson Smith 6 years ago

Has anyone successfully worked the Justinmind HTML export feature into their development process? I'd like to build a prototype full of masters and then export them to HTML so I can give the files to my developer to work with. Ideally, I think he should be able to copy some of the basic HTML and CSS into his dev environment and then use it while developing the real website. Looking to save my developer time, make change management easier, provide uniformity across prototype, dev, and prod, etc...

Although it seems like JIM tries to export too much and the standalone html files for masters are no use without the rest of the exported folder structure. Not to mention the default file names like "d12245cc-1680-458d-89dd-4f0d7fb22724.html” would be really annoying to work with - on another note, why doesn't the export use the actual names of my masters in the file names?

Any success stories? If not, what do people use the export for? Just being able to grab and go with a prototype as to not rely on the JIM simulator? Thoughts are appreciated!


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Dear Emerson,

Justinmind it's a prototyping tool and does not generate real code that's why the HTML export feature does not work for this purpose, it is just to visualize the prototype.

One of the best options to help the developer is using the developer interface https://www.justinmind.com/blog/wireframe-tool-prototyper-8-0-0/ or you could utilize the HTML code that Justinmind generates through API and SDK (http://www.justinmind.com/developers) . Hope this helps.


Sonia Durán

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