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Changing Order of Events

Completed Victor Conesa 8 years ago

This really isn't that big of a deal but after working on my prototype for a bit I found that because I didn't work on it the same order every single time the order of events were different across elements that had similar functionality. It would be nice to be able to just move events around so that I am able to have a consistent order between the events of these elements.

For example, in the picture below I would like to put the event "On Mouse Enter" before "On Mouse Leave" as this order makes more sense (it has to enter before it can leave). But as far as I can tell I cannot simply drag and drop or move it in anyway without deleting "On Mouse Leave" and adding it back in so it's on the right.


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3 years and nothing about it? I'm thinking of moving to AXURE.


This has actually been added for a while now. Just select an action and right-click (or click on the 'gear' icon) and you'll see options to move the action.


The order of different triggers themselves doesn't matter, as they will be activated when the trigger occurs, so "On Mouse Down" being 'above' "On Mouse Up" in the Events palette doesn't make a difference.

In cases where you have different interactions of the same trigger, you can click on the 'gear' icon of the interaction and see options to move it.


You can see more information about operations with Events and Interactions here.

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