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Auto resize of UI elements for iPad Portrait and Landscape modes?

Known Terry Lanham 7 years ago

When I drag a UI element, i.e. Nav bar into Portrait mode, the element is designed to fit Landscape mode (1024) and does not automatically resize to Portrait mode (763). Where is the control to select Auto resize for these basic UI elements?

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Hi Terry,

The elements haven’t been created to be adjusted automatically. They can be attached, depending on your needs, with an “on land scape” / "resize" event. associated to the desired element.

Also, as soon as your prototype has more elements and gets more complicated, it will be more complicated to adapt the whole interface (portrait) into landscape.

The best practice in this case, would be having a dynamic panel with two different panels inside (screens) : one to the portrait and another to the landscape and create events (“on portrait” – “on landscape”) depending on your needs.

Kindly let me know how it goes.


Sonia Durán

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