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Adaptive Screen Design

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Under the tutorial called Prototype Adaptive Layout...

I'm very confused about the instruction on

"In order to control when to show each layout, select the screen background and go to the events tab. Add an ‘On Window Resize’ + ‘Resize’ event and click OK."

Where is this screen background? Is it the grey grid with the dots? Cause selecting the back does not allow me to add an 'On Window Resize' event in the Events tab (Events tab indicates "No item selected").

Do you not need a object like text, box, etc to add an event?

Please help.

I essentially want to have an auto event trigger that detects if the user has rotated the iPhone or iPad between landscape vs portrait and show respective screens or different panels within a dynamic panel. I have a screen design in landscape mode and another screen design in Portrait mode.

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Hi Ju Wu,

If you just need to detect the orientation, you can use the "On rotate" Landscape / Portrait events.


Sonia Durán

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