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"New Requirement" or "Comment" links context menu missing in Professional

Known Cgull 2 years ago

I have been a long-time user of JustInMind and recently changed to a different company. I just purchased the Professional version of JustInMind which states that requirements is included and upon right-clicking an item I want to add a requirement for, the option for "New Requirement..." and "New Comment..." aren't listed.

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Hello, the options have to be enabled from the window menu, or you can also use the shortcuts:

ctrl(or cmd on mac) + shift + c -> new comment

ctrl(or cmd on mac) + shift + r -> new requirement

let me know how it went.



Thank you.

Two questions:

1. How would anyone ever find that?

2. Why was such a key feature of adding a requirement or comment to an object now completely hidden from users? It used to be part of the right-click contextual menu.

From your own documentation, here are the instructions:

Creating a new requirement for a specific Justinmind elementTo create a requirement for a specific Justinmind element:

  1. Go to the User Interface module and select the UI element in the Canvas that you wish to associate a requirement to.
  2. Right click on the element and select “New Requirement”. As above, fill in the details of your requirement.

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