Justinmind's new release 8.6 is here!

Danielle Schneider shared this announcement 12 months ago

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago, we launched Justinmind 8.6. Our team worked hard on this one, taking all of your suggestions into account.

This update includes a new UI kit for iOS 12, brand new keyboard shortcuts, SAML support - and much more!

Here's everything included in version 8.6:

iOS 12 UI Kit: The iOS library has been updated, and is now called iOS Components. It includes:

  • All assets from iOS 12, such as icons, bars, tables, and UI controls
  • Responsive elements, including headers and footers. They will now respond to the screen's height and width, which means you can switch between different iPhone sizes easily without needing to change your design

To get the new UI kit, download version 8.6 and open up an iPhone prototype. The new widget library will automatically load into your Widgets palette. Alternatively, you can go to Widgets -> Add/Remove libraries, and add iOS Components into your library.

New keyboard shortcuts: We have added many new keyboard shortcuts for Views, Documentation, and Toolbars to Justinmind for both Windows and Mac. Check them all out here.

SAML support: In addition to Single Sign On via LDAP, we now support SAML for Justinmind Enterprise Server customers. You can now choose the authentication method for each user, so you can smoothly integrate with your organization’s SAML framework and still create accounts on LDAP for external or offsite users.

A few others things we've added:

  • Use the Document widget to embed video files into your prototype
  • Double clicking on an Input Text Field now updates the Placeholder rather than the default value
  • Searching for widgets now expands the library to show more results
  • Find the path for automatically saved backups in Preferences
  • Optimization for macOS Mojave

And some bug fixes:

  • The "Verifying" message some encountered when trying to install on Mac has been fixed
  • The "On Toggle" trigger now works correctly with "Set Active Panel" actions
  • Simulation of Masters with responsive components now works correctly
  • "On Change" triggers now work with radio buttons for mobile prototypes

As always, please let us know what you think - and happy prototyping!

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Whats the minimum spec for the Windows version?


1GHz processor or higher · 512 MB of system memory (1GB recommended) · 200 MB of available space