How do you export an svg? Once again I can't get a straight answer.

Snarffel-1 shared this question 4 months ago

The answer here is wrong: https://www.justinmind.com/community/topic/what-types-of-files-can-justinmind-export-exactly#

support that answered is confusing export and import - according to Justinmind you can just import svg files into justimnind , but not export

So how exactly is a file exported as an SVG from a Justinmind file?

What are the exact steps to export a file as SVG?

What are the exact steps to export a component within a file as SVG

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Thank you for reaching out. At this time you can only export as an SVG file if there is a previously imported SVG file in your prototype. However, in the next update of Justinmind you will be able to export anything to an SVG file. I hope this helps answer your question!

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