Justinmind’s new release 8.4

Emily Grace shared this announcement 17 months ago

Justinmind 8.4 is focused on creating omni-channel user experiences – seamless flow between devices – giving you full control of your prototyped designs.

Here's what to expect from Justinmind 8.4:

Effortless omni-channel UX with multi-device prototypes - you can now combine screens for web, mobile, tablet and other devices within the same prototype and have your users move seamlessly through the entire product flow. No need to create separate prototypes any longer – just add a new device and get designing.

Easily explain functionality with linked user scenarios - we’ve given scenarios a boost so designers have an improved means of communicating workflows, ideas and iterations to their team without having to rely on lengthy documentation.

Full control of UI elements and canvas - we've created a margin section in the Properties palette. Now you have even more control over the position of the UI widgets on your canvas by giving them a margin, in pixels.

Customize opacity levels of your colors - for even more customization and control of your prototypes, you can now change the opacity level of colors in the color section found with in the Properties palette.

Drag to change canvas size - for greater comfort when designing and creating prototypes in Justinmind, you can now drag and drop your canvas to resize it how you want.

Updated and responsive Android UI library - enjoy our up-to-date and fully responsive Android UI library.