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Welcome to Justinmind’s community! We’ve created this community forum for Justinminders at all skill levels to ask questions, give feedback, and help others with their prototyping experience.

All the communications must be in English.

The guidelines here are general expectations to follow when posting on the community forum. Please do your best to comply with them so we can create a great environment for everyone.

Be kind and respectful

Posts should generally be respectful and constructive. It’s ok to be critical, but it’s not ok to be offensive and attack others.

Bullying and Harassment: Do not target, threaten, or bully other community members.

Hate speech and offensive language: We will not tolerate any hate speech or bigotry. This includes but is not limited to speech attacking race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, religion, national origin, or ability.

Add helpful information

Posts should involve content about prototyping, design, or other related topics. Please don’t submit off-topic discussions.

Spam: Do not promote or direct others to a third-party website, service, or product. Adding or linking to supportive resources is fine, but spamming links or services is not.

Personal or confidential information: Do not post or solicit license information, including license keys, passwords, or confidential files.

Posts and comments are moderated before they are published in the community. If our moderators find that a post or comment is in violation of our community guidelines, we may ask you to resubmit with more helpful or constructive comments, or will ask you to remove certain personal information from your post. Posts containing hate speech and spam will be immediately deleted, and we may remove you from Justinmind’s community.

General tips

Here are some general tips for posting on the forum:

Before posting

Before you submit, look through our Learning Center and see if you find a tutorial that answers what you're looking for. You can also search through the Community to see if your question has been answered in another post.

If you have a subscription to Justinmind, you can also login to in the Support portal and ask your question there if you'd prefer.

When creating a post

  • Write an informative title of the problem or suggestion.
  • Include as much description as possible. If it’s a recurring error, list out the steps you take for the problem to happen again.
  • Attach error messages, log files, screen recordings, and .vp (prototype) files, if relevant. These can be very useful for identifying errors so we can fix them quickly.
    • Note: compress files other than images to .zip/.rar format to attach them to a post or comment. Alternatively, you can link to the file on a storage site like Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.

After posting

Be patient! It can sometimes take a day or two for community members and moderators to get back to you, especially if the problem is complex. If the problem is urgent, please let us know. Unless including new information, please do not resubmit your post, as duplicates will be deleted.

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