Improvements to our scenarios feature

Victor Conesa shared this announcement 2 years ago

Our new release also includes updates to Scenarios. Our Scenarios feature helps you to visualize your user navigation flow in your prototypes. Most of the changes have been made to the technology behind the scenes, so they might not be so obvious, but they are needed to keep on improving this important feature.

First off, we’ve updated the appearance of the Scenarios tab. Originally, scenarios were displayed on a negative space canvas. Now, the scenarios tab is configured with the same technology as the user interface tab – with a white canvas that expands as you place elements on screen. Apart from this, we’ve made some improvements to the components you use to build your scenarios. For instance, we added an option to add images to your scenarios, which will make your diagrams clearer.

We’ve also improved the note component, now complete with multi-line text input and text alignment functionalities.

Additionally, it’s now possible to copy and paste components in your scenarios to add them to other scenarios, or to the same scenario.

Finally, you can now order your scenario’s components.

And the best is yet to come! With the new backend technology in scenarios, more and better improvements will come in the next releases, to make your diagramming easier and smarter!

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