Designing for iPhone X with Justinmind

Emily Grace shared this announcement 19 months ago

This month's new release brings you a brand-new iPhone X mobile prototyping experience.

With our new release, Justinmind users can create clickable mobile prototypes for the latest smartphone technology, the iPhone X. Thanks to our brand-new mobile template, you can start designing for iPhone X as soon as you open Justinmind. In the Justinmind editor, you’ll find our brand-new device template.

Justinmind’s iPhone X editing canvas features a device shell, mimicking the rounded borders of the new Apple device, for a truly immersive prototyping experience.

The iPhone X prototype template comes pre-loaded with our new iOS Widget library. With 100% iOS compliance, the new library packs all the iOS 11 icons and core components, UI layouts and screen templates – complete with the iPhone X super-retina display backgrounds. It’s everything you need to get down to designing stunning iPhone apps.

And to help you design apps for Apple’s all-display, edge-to-edge device, our updated iOS Widget library includes a set of readymade UI elements and screens that fit the entire iPhone X screen.

Apart from the new iPhone X feature, our new release includes:

- new font embedding capabilities

- find and replace text editing

- customizable shared prototype settings

- transition effects duration settings

Plus some nifty improvements to your prototyping tool!

Get all the updates here!

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Hi Emily,

Attended today's webinar regarding 8.3. Thank you all for this great release.

When will this release be available for upgrade in the always free account ?

Currently, I have 8.2.2 running on my PC.