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Emily Grace shared this announcement 20 months ago

This month's new release includes upgrades to our responsive and parallax prototyping features. Upgrade now to:

  • Scale UI elements proportionally with the new Size “%” attribute, and have them adapt to different screen resolutions or container elements. Elements will scale proportionally both in the editor and during simulation
  • Make UI elements resize proportionally even when the screen resolution is changed in Justinmind’s editor
  • Scale images proportionally with the ‘Lock aspect ratio’ option
  • Pin UI elements to the canvas and have their position adapt to the screen’s resolution or container’s size
  • Add adaptable margins between UI elements and their containers
  • Create “Move” events with pin-able elements and “Resize” events that scale elements proportionally
  • Save UI elements with responsive properties in custom widget libraries and reuse them later on. They’ll retain their responsiveness

Plus, you'll be able to set background images and overlay/cover images to any UI element. The image’s transparency can also be customized for improved contrast and visibility.

Improvements to your prototyping tool:

  • Justinmind for Mac now uses Chromium for seamless simulation of prototypes
  • The Chromium simulation window now launches with the same resolution as the prototype’s canvas by default (e.g. if simulating an iPhone Plus prototype, Chromium will take on the iPhone screen’s resolution)

Upgrade now and get started!