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Create customizable and personalizable UI elements, icons and libraries with Justinmind and improve your design process now. Read on to learn more!

When collaborating on a project, there can be a bunch of conflicting voices competing to have their say. Maintaining design consistency and keeping everyone happy throughout the project is the goal of collaboration-management, and a very important feature here at Justinmind. Today, we’re talking about why creating your own Justinmind widget library could help you to build a shared vision of your project in your prototype.

On one end of the spectrum, there are the designers. Both craftsmen and perfectionists, when it comes to their projects’ assets, they can be fiercely territorial. On the other, there are the engineers, who, though just as experienced in their own right, are equipped with different skills, and visual design is not necessarily a given. “Check your ego at the door”, right? Each step of the way, we should be actively collaborating, exploring techniques to stay creatively engaged and harnessing the power of each individual to be as effective as possible.

But, it’s not always that easy!

An introduction to the world of customizable UI assets

Let’s say, for example, that you’re working on a new website prototype and your Lead Designer has created the main layout of the site. At the same time, there are other team members working on the content in each screen, replicating the main layout as they go. But wait! Didn’t you need the assets and stylistic features such as the color and contrast to remain consistent throughout all the screens? Wouldn’t it be awesome if the whole team could easily share, import, export, copy and paste the original layout and assets – without rework  – whilst they focus on what actually needs changing.

With Justinmind, you can create totally customizable widget libraries that will help you to build unique web and mobile prototypes and work on them easily with all teams in your organization. Your custom widgets are totally your own: you can use them to maintain brand and design consistency among many different teams and throughout the screens in your prototype, as well as share them from project to project, and prototype to prototype. Forget rework or tweaking of those tiresome buttons, boxes or effects from now on!

Why you should use custom widget libraries in your Justinmind prototypes

Save time
For those of you who frequently find yourselves creating similar projects, being able to easily copy your styles can be a huge time saver. You can create frameworks for your prototypes, and have them all there, in the user interface. Moreover, with templates you can reuse content, assets and screen design layouts for more efficient prototyping. And with our masters, you can apply global changes to your prototypes in just one click, so it’s even quicker and easier to apply your branding and maintain consistency within your design. Masters are groups of components that can be reused anywhere in a prototype. As such, it’s an excellent way to spread global changes, because when something is changed in the master, that change takes effect in all of its instances in the prototype.


Download Justinmind today and create your custom UI elements now!



Maintain consistency and quality control in your prototypes
The designer’s job is to create the images and widgets, and the rest of the team – UX, AI, Copywriters, Programmers – just have to drag and drop them, guaranteeing that the assets will maintain their consistency throughout whole prototype. Widgets and templates can be used to maintain the same styles, colors, events and structures that are repeated throughout several pages.


Create custom assets for individual prototypes
Let’s say you have a project with lots screens, but just only designer. They can create the widget set that will be used, with specific properties, and several users can easily follow the guidelines.

Remember, Justinmind offers an extensive range of pre-defined widget libraries for iOS, Android, Windows and much more. Check out the full range here!


Communicate better with your team with prototypes!
Working in a collaborative design environment across a large organization? Yes or no, we’ve all been there: misunderstood, our work overseen. In the design process, there should be complete transparency about what’s going to happen in order to collaborative effectively: from your initial sketch to your wireframe through to your final development specifications, everyone should know what’s going on. By fostering global collaboration across all teams with shared prototypes and centralized assets, you can ace collaboration, streamline communication and ultimately ensure that things run smoothly. After all, a team that’s highly effective works as a unit powered by each member’s personal strengths.

Want complete visibility to improve collaboration? Well, don’t just sit there! Go ahead and download Justinmind to create your own, custom widget libraries and get the maximum value from your assets asap!download-justinmind-prototyping-tool-banner-1

Emily is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind

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