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In our latest guest post for UXmatters, Justinmind outlines 8 best practices for mobile form prototyping and design

Mobile form design is 10 years old. Designers have learned a ton about how to design mobile forms that boost sign-ups and smooth conversions over the last decade; but thanks to changing technologies and usability tendencies, best practices for mobile form keeps on changing. That’s why the team at Justinmind worked to put together 8 best practices for mobile form design right now, published in UXmatters.

Why mobile form design matters

Mobile forms present different design challenges to desktop form design: small screens, clumsy fingers, connectivity and back-end storage limitations. But designers live to solve problems, and figuring out how to make mobile forms work for users can have big pay-offs. For example eBay made an extra $500 million annually just by tweaking a button on one of their mobile forms.

Mobile forms that are prototyped, tested and developed with care can help organizations reaching their goals faster, whether that means sign-ups, sales or conversions. Follow these 8 mobile form design best practices and improve user experience and success metrics.

1 – Design mobile forms with single input fields

Forms with multiple input fields can give users a headache, especially when they require users to switch between input modes. Forms that split data into multiple fields may collect the kind of data that sales and marketing departments love, but they increase user frustration and the risk of abandonment.

Also, eCommerce is a global venture, but name fields divided into firstname and surname can be confusing in many cultures. Take the example of Myanmar, a huge mobile market where people go by one complete name rather than first and last name.

To ensure your mobile forms are both inclusive and time saving for users, use a single input field for users’ names.

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Cassandra is Marketing Lead at Justinmind

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